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Epic apologizes for the residual kinned pet, refunds available

Developer Epic Games recently released a new pet named Gunner in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and fans quickly pointed out that the little doggo is basically a reskinned version of a previously released dog, Bonesy. Now Epic has responded to the news, saying it made a mistake when releasing Gunner.

The company will issue refunds to anyone who purchased Gunner, and in an effort to compensate for the problem, Epic also gives players who bought Gunner 200 free V dollars. In addition, Gunner is completely deleted from Fortnite.

"We should not have released Gunner Pet and apologize for doing so. Within the next few days, all Gunner purchases will be refunded for the full 1

000 V bucks as well as an additional $ 200 V and the pet will be removed from cabinet, "Epic said in a statement.

Players who purchased Gunner and use Fortnite's in-game reimbursement tool to get a refund will receive 200 free V-dollars and an additional reimbursement token.

As comparative photos show, Gunner was just a simple resin of Bonesy with a lighter fur shade and some minor adjustments like a skull logo on his scarf. In addition to the controversy, Bonesy was originally exclusive to Season 6 Battle Pass; Epic had promised that items in Battle Passes would never be sold separately. So when Epic started selling Gunner, the Bonesy clone, people were upset that Epic seemed to go back on its promise.

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