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Epic announces a change to Arena Matchmaking System

Epic released a blog post today that included a change to Arena Mode matchmaking, the bug reporting guidelines and an AMA message.

Anyone who has played a ranked position in any game knows that it is a delicate balance when it comes to finding matches. I used to play a lot in my monitoring days, for example, and finding a game would routinely take 20 minutes or more.

Epic also handles this problem. There are probably more players in the queue for ranked matches in Fortnite than there were / are in Overwatch, but there are also 100 players needed to complete a match.

This became a problem for those who ranked high in Arena Mode. People with very high Hype levels would almost always have to wait 1

5 minutes or so to find a match. When they did, many players in the match would be less skilled than them.

According to Epic's latest blog post, the former Arena mode system would work like this:

"you would seek opponents with a similar amount of Hype, and that the Hype range would expand over time to look for a suitable player. 15 minutes wait we would give up and create the best match possible based on the players available at the specific moment. Problems where players with extremely large amounts of Hype could never find each other successfully, all over 350 Hype were considered equal for matchmaking. "[19659007] Epic has changed this system to include gaming arrangements in "buckets". These buckets will merge with neighboring bucks when there are not enough players in the current.

The new system aims to make matchmaking better and faster for everyone. Previously, some players in the Champions League would come into play with those in the Open League. Neither level of players would get the experience they wanted from this.

Other topics in the blog

The Arena changes were not the only thing Epic discussed in their blog post. They also provided some guidelines on how society can report bugs:

1) Clear and detailed description of the error and when it occurs.

  • The more detailed the description, the faster and more accurately we can
  • Including the date when the error was experienced, we help to limit specific updates and hotfixes.

2) The platform error occurs.

  • Sometimes specific errors only affect certain platforms.
  • ] List of this information also helps us to investigate whether a problem arises in just one platform or across our ecosystem.

3) Video proof on the bug.

  • A video is worth 1,000 words.
  • Links to specific clips allow us to try direct reproduction internally.
  • If you see something, say something! Even if you do not play yourself, you can make a difference by cutting bugs and problems while watching your favorite players compete.

4) Player logs and button for game reports.

  • The player's logs give us direct insight into many different variables that occur in a match. They are incredibly useful for our team when we triage bugs.
  • You can directly submit a bug report in the game by navigating to the menu and selecting the "Feedback" button, which automatically sends these logs to us. Remember to be as detailed as possible within the text fields of the game.

They also announced an AMA for Fortnite Competitive that will be on the competitive subredite. This AMA will happen on Friday, May 31 from 3-4 PM EST.

You can check out the entire blog entry here.

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