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Ensures detailed review of COVID-19 tests in new video

Nearly a week and a half after Google’s sister company Verily launched its COVID-19 screening and testing site, the company has released a video on its personal testing process.

As the video explains, anyone who wants to be tested must first take an online screening questionnaire, the details of which were revealed last week when the site was launched. The screener is designed to help prioritize testing. The criteria include exposure to existing cases of viruses, current symptoms, age, previous health conditions and hazardous places or professions. These criteria determine if you are qualified.

If you are qualified to test, you will receive a reference ID number and agreed upon details, including time and place. Then you come to the test page, which consists of three stations. At the first station, you get your ID and reference ID checked through the closed window of your vehicle to prevent any infection. Once confirmed, you will drive to the other station, which will match your ID to a lab package. Then you get to the end station, where you get a nose stop. This sample will be sent to a lab, with results delivered two to four days later.

Right now, Verily̵

7;s Project Baseline test is still limited to just Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. As the video suggests, the Verily Web site and testing process is part of the larger, California-based COVID-19 testing program, which is a “state-targeted federal intervention program.” Despite confused statements from the White House about a Google-built screening site earlier in March, it is not clear that Verily plans to expand the program outside of California, or even if the Verily Project Baseline site was Google’s site that President Trump had referred to at that time.

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