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Emoluments: Judge halts subpoenas or Trump Org docs

The delay is a win for Trump, even if temporary. He's attempting – and so far has succeeded – to hold off multiple subpoenas from the Democrats that could divulge about his company and assets.

Judge Emmet Sullivan made the decision Friday shortly after the appeals court above him said it wanted to hear the emoluments case. The case had been progressing, with the Democrats sending 37 subpoenas earlier this month seeking financial information about Mar-a-Lago, the Trump International Hotel, Trump Tower and other Trump properties. Those subpoenas had a due date of July 29.

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said Friday it should hear the case, about the emoluments clause of the Constitution, before the Democrats collect evidence. But the court is not ready to hear the case yet. The panel of three judges directed the Justice Department and the lower court on Friday to take more legal steps, because of legal technicalities, before it will hear the case.

Sullivan should now consider whether the collection of evidence is even needed for the Democrats' lawsuit, the appeals court order said.

The appeals court also indicated Friday it is interested in addressing legal questions about separation of powers quickly. 1

9659002] The Justice Department, in defense of Trump, "has identified substantial questions," the appeals court wrote Friday.

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