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Eminem gives Nicki Minaj a Shoutout after addressing Dating Rumors – Hollywood Life

Eminem did not hold back when he completely rumored rumors that he met Nicki Minaj during his set at the Boston Calling Music Festival on May 27, and he also asked the audience if they wanted him to baptize her!

Eminem 45, surprisingly, rumors that he dates Nicki Minaj 35, during his appearance at the Boston Calling Music Festival in Boston on May 27th and it was wild! "So wait, once more, make sure I can actually do this official," he started on stage. "How many people in Boston want me to be Nicki Minaj?" After the loud encouragement of the audience, the rapper said calmly: "Well, God, damn, me too! Nicki if you get this message, just write me later, we'll talk about it." The funny answer suggested that he probably did not meet Nicki's pride her "yes" answer when a fan asked her if she was but hello, it also confirmed that Slim Shady would not mind doing it!

After the epic response, Nicki did not take much time to watch the video on Twitter and tweet himself on the whole thing. "LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The fact that he's stupid and a goof just like me. Loves him so much. Em we need you on the album # Queen . This is where our first date will be; in the studio while I look into your beautiful eyes when you write your verse, "she tweeted, pretty much confirms that the two have not yet expired like a couple.

Before Em or Nicki picked up dating rumors, sources confirmed close to Nicki that she was just kidding when she responded with a "yes", which seems to have a romance with Em. After being in the music industry for years, Eminem and Nick are used to the mad rumors that they turn around so it's fun that Eminem chose to pick up This! His invitation to Nicki onstage and her loving answers leads us to believe that it's possible that a steamy new relationship may develop after all! Come on, how fun would Nicki joke lead to his romance? We can not wait to see any new developments with this!

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