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Eloy is excited, and another extension

It seems like I could make an Eloy Jimenez update / starter extension double post almost every blessed day. Today's version:

Eloy Jimenez

As Eloy Jimenez fought during service-time manipulation, it took a short while in mind Matt Davidson's first spring with Sox. Davidson shaved the Cactus League that year, and his first cup of Diamondbacks coffee suggested he could open the season in Chicago. The Sox sent him down to Charlotte, where he unraveled and needed three seasons to return to the majors.

After Jimenez wrote during his extension, it took a short time for the ugly spring Jose Quintana to endure before signing his life-changing deal. But bad Jimenez went, it didn't really compare with Quintana's 30.00 ERA at that time.

James Fegan's account of Jimene's press conference says Jimenez admitted to squeezing under the circumstances:

He admitted that the pressures to secure $ 43 million got his game a little ̵

1; as it did to José Quintana five years ago – but He wants to return to the player who could not only slow down the hype, but it was convenient to whip it up.

I'm not going to put on me, Eloy said. "I'll just be Eloy. I will play hard and win a pair of championships."

Hopefully, Jimenez will each time find the find as the guy for whom he was trading. He is about to make the story as nice as possible, going 3-on-3 with his first walk in the spring at his return to big-league camp.

Theoretically, Jimenez would not have the opportunity to enter the MLB series up to 10 days into the season, since Sox already chose him to Charlotte, but he may come back on the opening day's roster with an injury to someone else.

After coming off a runaway, Nicky Delmonico appeared to be the most likely option, but Sox chose him to Charlotte on Saturday. So, Sox still has some ways they can go:

* Jon Jay: He's been idle for 11 days because of a hip issue. Rick Renteria would probably be surprised if he doesn't make the opening day's roster, but maybe he sells the wrong direction.

* Daniel Palka: He is 4-for-32 with four walks and 15 strikeouts since returning from a tweaked hoard, so his ticket can be stamped for Charlotte anyway.

* Nate Jones or Kelvin Herrera: Both throw at reduced speed, ensuring surveillance. Herrera sits less in the beginning, because he works back from foot surgery and he has been mildly effective. Jones, on the other hand, gives high attention to each time.

While the White Sox normally prefers to have eight relievers, they have days on three of the first eight days of the season and four of their first 14.

Justin Verlander joined Chris Sale to remove himself from next year's Free agent blocks and sign a $ 66 million extension with Astros. Unlike the other extensions recently communicated, this one will not get him past 2021 and the CBA release, but Verlander will be 39 at that time, so that may be the year before territory regardless of the open market's health.

The five-year $ 145 million sales of the Red Sox is official. The structure is preloaded, and there is some money deferred to lower the average annual value to $ 25.6 million, perhaps in an attempt to keep Mookie Betts and / or Xander Bogaerts this week. The structure:

  • 2020: $ 30 million
  • 2021: $ 30 million
  • 2022: $ 30 million (opt-out by season)
  • 2023: $ 27.5 million
  • 2024: $ 27.5 million

Sales may have been better, but he only threw 158 regular bets with significant fluctuations in his speed in 2019. Had he reached a free agency after the season, Perhaps he has been the subject of rather difficult negotiations, so doubling his former high salary can be a path with less resistance.

To his credit, his salary never seemed to disturb him before and he seems to want to train in Florida:

& For me who lives in my house for another two months, my son picks up from school – I've done it to all their little league methods, says Sale. "He has 14 games, I've been able to see six of them. I had to be able to see it today, but I was driven back, so I have to pitch. We'll throw in the same day, so it's pretty cool.

"I have two sons and have another baby coming, so I want to be around my family. I want to be down here. This is where I live, this is where I went to school, this is where I have established my life. For me, the best possible deal is. When it comes to money, that's what it is. "

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