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Elon Musk says Tesla’s headquarters can still leave California

Although he won a distance with local health officials over reopening his factory, Tesla CEO Elon Musk maintains his threat to move the company’s headquarters to another state.

“There is no doubt that our headquarters will remain in California in the short term,” he said in a new interview with Automotive News. “Long-term, we have to wait and see.”

He did not specify what he meant by short and long term, or what could eventually lead to such a move.


7;s warnings about “take-his-ball-otherwise” first came in a tweet on May 9, after Alameda County officials ordered him not to open Tesla’s Fremont assembly plant until COVID-19 closure restrictions ceased. The county had agreed on a readmission date of May 18, not soon enough for Musk.

Musk tweeted that he would move the company’s headquarters out of California for Texas or Nevada “immediately” if the county’s health officials did not leave. He said he would also consider closing the Fremont plant, depending on “how Tesla is treated in the future.” He opened the facility a week earlier than the county allowed and the county dared to arrest him.

Alameda’s health officer, Erica Pan, asserted herself, and Tesla resumed operations on May 12. Pan was later named state epidemiologist by statesman Gavin Newsom and answered on July 15.

Musk’s comments came in a three – part report on Automotive News’ “Daily Drive” podcast recorded on July 26 and released over several days ending Tuesday.

The interview covered a wide range of topics, including Tesla’s recent choice of Austin, Texas, as the site of a new automotive manufacturing facility. Other states including Oklahoma are being considered. “When we talked to key team members who would need to move to Austin from California to get the factory up and running, Austin was their top choice,” Musk said. I guess a lot of people from California, if you ask them what you want to move outside of California, it’s Austin …. I went to our team and said, ‘Where do you want to spend time? And where would you possibly move? ‘And they were like,’ Well, Austin’s just the best choice. ‘

Musk is selling his house in Bel-Air and recently applied for a Texas driver’s license.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment.

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