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Elon Musk drops Tesla cards and thanks owner / investor as TSLA rises to new peaks

Elon Musk takes a victory lap on Twitter today and thumps Tesla briefly as the car manufacturer’s share price (TSLA) reaches new heights.

The whole situation is a bit ironic when you consider that for two months and $ 100 billion in valuation then he said the stock is too high.

Today, Tesla confirmed its delivery and production numbers for the second quarter, which was in line with what we reported last week but also ahead of Wall Street expectations.

Beating Wall Street expectations sent the stock up as much as 9% this morning, closing it up 7.95%.

It has sent Tesla’s valuation to over $ 224 billion ̵

1; a new peak.

Musk seized the opportunity to take a victory lap and tease Tesla shorts – people who briefly sell Tesla stock equivalent to betting against Tesla’s stock.

Back in 2018, Musk sent a box of short shorts to David Einhorn, a renowned hedge fund manager who has a large short position at Tesla.

CEO attacks through SEC:

After Musk pushed to make Tesla private back in 2018, the SEC sued the CEO for exaggerating the fact that Tesla had secured funding to become private, and Musk reached with the SEC, which stands for the Securities and Exchange Commission and not the “Shortseller Anrichment Commission” .

His new comments today on the SEC got quite a crack:

The CEO was also more grateful by thanking Tesla’s owners and investors for the strong delivery and production results quarterly:

He shared the tweet to Tesla’s announcement of delivery and production results for Q2.

Electrek’s Take

I get it. Shorts have been attacking Elon for several years, and it probably feels good to come back to them on a day like today.

However, I think it is strange in this context that he also wiped out billions in Tesla’s value by saying that the share was “too high” just two months ago.

Then Tesla’s share traded at $ 700 per share.

Now, two months later, he is cheering on crushing the Tesla deal shorts to $ 1,200, but isn’t the stock “too high” anymore?

What happened in the past two months that made it okay for Tesla to be worth $ 100 billion more than when it was “too high”?

It’s strange because Elon agreed to some extent two months ago with the shorts.

I am a long and happy TSLA investor right now, but I would like more consistency from Elon on that front. It’s weird to tease the short right now when you agree with them that TSLA was too high $ 500 a share ago.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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