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Ellen DeGeneres Talks Stand-up on James Corden December 2018

I'm from North Carolina, so I know what the phrase "bless your heart" really means. Adorable Londoner James Corden does not. He hosted Ellen DeGeneres and Patrick Wilson on Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday night and because the two guests are from parts of the south ̵

1; Ellen is from Louisiana and Patrick is from Virginia – James asked, "Who are your favorite expressions from that part of the world? I've never been. "

He explained that he met someone from the south and tried to park but could not get into space, and the woman said, "Oh, Darlin, bless your heart." "I thought it was the best expression you could ever have!" Sa James. Ellen had to break the news: "It's an insult." She made the "compliment" clear, James was given and explained that it was more like "you poor, stupid person." Patrick chimed in and said, "It gets you out of something. You can say," She's a terrible person. Bless her heart. "" I can not stop laughing personally. See Ellen talk about it, along with the real reason she was on the show – to discuss Relatable her first stand-up comedy special in 15 years.

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