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Ed Herman responds to internet critic, Michael Bisping on controversial win

Veteran UFC middleweight Ed Herman turned off his social media messages in the wake of his controversial victory over Mike Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 10. Irate fans not only cursed him online right after his comeback win, but sent messages to his wife insulting him.

“” Your husband is a fool, your husband is a cheater, “Herman told MMA Fighting.

Then he added: “You enter the cage in battle, or do not come and say it to my wife’s face. She will kick you in the face. ”

As UFC President Dana White recently said, there’s a reason Herman̵

7;s nickname is “Short Fuse.” Friends and family have recommended him to look on the bright side. He gave himself a week to cool off. But he wanted to clear the air in an interview.

First, Herman said he was not looking for a way out of the battle. He did not act for the camera after referee Chris Tognoni called the time in the second round for a groin shot which replays showed was a legal knee to the body. He thinks he did what any fighter in his situation would do. What the judge did was not exactly in his control.

“I tried to defend myself as best I could get hurt, and as a fighter, your job is to survive and keep fighting for as long as you can,” he said. “When you are injured, you are on autopilot.”

After taking an elbow from Rodriguez in the first round, Herman only remembers bits of the fight itself. He still does not know exactly where Rodriguez’s knee landed, although he reconsidered the fight once and thought the strike in question was for his body. He does not remember a change in speed, only that they were both tired. As for a toe that he got stuck in the cage that seemed to provide the necessary leverage needed to turn and leave his opponent, he said the move was not intentional.

“I moved in reaction, was half knocked out and under duress my instincts just took over,” he said. “It’s this kind of sh * t that happens in the heat of battle.”

And that’s the hard part about this particular win. Most people will probably remember the fight for Tognoni’s obvious mistakes rather than Herman’s comeback. That’s exactly what The Ultimate Fighter 3 the winner hoped to avoid the latter part of his career.

When he entered UFC Vegas 10, two fights were interrupted due to the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. for the latter, he was offered only $ 10,000 of his show money for one last second scratch. He left Las Vegas on a three-fight winning streak at age 39. He would like a few to remember that.

“I feel like I just had the most epic comeback in UFC history,” he said. “I was seriously injured several times and was able to recover and come back and win that victory. Whether the judge gave me a break or not, who’s going to say what would have happened? ”

As one of the UFC’s most regular fighters, Herman is used to being abused by fans. However, he does not expect it to extend to his family or come from his colleagues.

When the former middleweight champion became commentator Michael Bisping tried to capture what happened in a post-match interview, Herman felt like he was thrown under the bus.

“Bisping I think is a kind of punk, because in my face he seems like he’s my friend, and then I came after me and made me look bad and talked a little rubbish, so it’s defiant,” Herman said. “If he wants to retire and put on his gloves, we can do it.”

Herman has the same thing to say for warriors in his weight class who accused him of cheating, but he is currently leaving names for the time being.

UFC President Dana White said the conversation was one of the worst things he had ever seen and paid Rodriguez his show money. He added that Tognoni let Herman take too much abuse in a block at the end of the second round.

“I thought Ed Herman owed that guy money or something,” White said. Like what the f ** k did Ed Herman do to this guy? Only Ed Herman could have pulled it off, because that guy is so fucking tough. ”

Herman has not spoken to anyone from the UFC since the controversial match, and apart from a few words after the fight with Rodriguez, he has not reached out. He appreciated Rodriguez’s message to fans not to blame him for what happened, even though many did not listen.

“I’m glad Mike got his wine money,” Herman said. “But I’m not sorry I came back and won the fight. I went out and collected what I had left in the tank and the heart I have. Many people would have quit, as much as I was injured a couple of times. People have to respect that. ”

Herman knows he needs to make some changes in the gym to avoid taking as much damage as he did on the road to victory. He plans to heal and can take the rest of the year before deciding on the next move. He does not want to be known as a punching bag with a long CV.

Herman is actually a supporter of replays in MMA. In his case, it may have led to a loss or a second chance, as it did in a fight that Tognoni oversaw last Saturday that White also blew up.

But if he is not forced to quit, Herman will never quit a fight.

“I’m not saying he would not be able to quit, but I could definitely have continued,” he said. “I will continue if I can breathe. Many people strike when the odds are against them. That’s why I’ve been doing it for so long. ”

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