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Earlier, Craig McLachlan's neighbor is accused of indecent assault

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Formerly Neighbors The star Craig McLachlan has been burdened with common and indecent assault in Australia. ] The actor who played Henry Ramsay on the soap in late 1980s and also appeared on H Ome and Away as Grant Mitchell, accused in Melbourne.

McLachlan is responsible for a number of common abuses, eight bills of indecent assault and a number of attempts at indecent assault.

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An actor spokesman said in a statement: "Craig is innocent of these charges, which will be vigorously defended."

McLachlan is scheduled to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on February 8.

In addition to his acting on the two soaps, the actor won Australia's major television award, Gold Logie, in 1990, and has also appeared on Doctor Blake Mysteries .

He appeared on neighbors as the brother of Kylie Minogue's character Charlene between 1987 and 1989 and also appeared alongside other stars at the beginning of his career, including Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe.

actors later appeared on Home and away for a brief moment between 1990 and 1991 as teacher Grant before continuing with a number of film and television shows.

Naburger airs on weekdays at 13.45 and 17.30 on channel 5. Home and away also flies on channel 5 on weekdays.

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