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Each product with Amazon Alexa was announced at CES 2019

This was a huge year for Google Assistant messages at CES, but Amazon Alexa also had a fair share of new integrations – often debuted in the same product. There were so many new Alexa integrations, in fact, the best way to completely cover them is a great summary.

Below you will find all the Alexa integrity that we could discover at CES and note that we have also included Google Assistant and other voice AI boards to string some different ecosystems.

ADT [19659004] Traditional security company ADT unveiled its first proprietary brand-based affiliate home platform this CES with a new app and 7-inch tablet-esque Command Panel integrated with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. ADT's existing family of cameras and sensors can be used with this system, creating a smart home security network that can be easily automated using geofencing as well as app and voice controls. Pricing is not yet set, but the new product will be available in the first quarter of 201


Instead of adding both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to their products, the French technology company Archos takes more of a either / or approach. While the smart Hello screen only has Google Assistant, the only Smart Mate smart display has Alexa. Mate comes in 5 and 7 inch Full HD screen versions and is primarily intended for households deep in the Amazon ecosystem that regularly uses apps like Amazon Prime Video and Audible. Mate 5 and 7 will be available during the first quarter of 2019 for $ 129 and $ 149 respectively.

ARCHOS Mate: Alexa Embedded Smart Home Bridge at an Affordable Price

Paris – Thursday, December 20, 2018 – ARCHOS, the French Pioneer for consumer electronics, today announces that it will show the ARCHOS Mate, the latest AI innovation, on CES® 2019, from January 8 to 11, 2019, in Las Vegas. ARCHOS Mate has Alexa builtin and a beautiful FHD touch screen, available in 5 and 7-inch sizes, as well as a high-quality speaker and built-in battery, enabling users to access their favorite multimedia content and to act as a really smart home bridge. ARCHOS Mate 5 and 7 will be available in Q1 2019 from $ 129.

"More and more families are buying voice-enabled devices to make life easier. Combining a monitor and Alexa into a product, the ARCHOS gives users the flexibility to see and hear answers to their interactions, says Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS.

"We are happy to work with ARCHOS and give customers a voice's first product that makes everyday life easier," says Jorrit Van der Meulen, CEO of Amazon Devices International. "With built-in Alexa, everything you need to control smart home devices, play music, manage shopping lists and more."

ARCHOS Mate 5 and 7 combine audio, visual and touch inputs to make everything in your daily life easier:

More entertainment: If you talk or turn on, users have access to a variety of
media. They can listen to their favorite playlists via Amazon Music and other popular
streaming services. More recently, customers will be able to enjoy the latest binge-worthy
hands via Amazon Prime Video and thousands of audiobooks available on Audible, such as
as well as the ability to view photos from their photo albums. [19659008] Handsfree video calls and messages: Thanks to the 5MP camera, Alexa and Skype
can keep in touch with their family and friends. With a simple voice command, they
are directly connected to their loved ones.

Smarter homes: With Alexa built-in, the ARCHOS Mate series can control all smart homes
devices, from security cameras to light and thermostats, making it easy to control who is on
the door or turn off bedroom lights in the child room.

Personal assistant: Keeping track of the day is easy with Alexa. Users can set reminders
for important upcoming events, add ingredients to the list when filling in the next large
dinner and fill in the refrigerator by adding / deleting items in their Amazon handlists – just ask

ARCHOS Mate 5 and 7 pack:
A vibrant 5 or 7-inch Full HD touchscreen
A premium speaker
Two microphones enhanced by Synaptic's far-field technology.
A 5 MP front camera
A built-in smart home bridge

Availability and price

ARCHOS Mate 5 and 7 will be available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish at www.archos. com and on the shelves of the ARCHOS distribution partners, respectively, of $ 129 and $ 149.


Cavaliers The Maverick was widely regarded as an elegant, attractive Alexa speaker when it hit the market last year. And now the company has added another Alexa-enabled device to its roster with The Air, which is larger and has an LED clock display, but is as aesthetically pleasing as its predecessor. The 20W stereo speaker system also has a Qi wireless charging plate for extra tools. The new product has not yet appeared on the company's website, but should arrive at the beginning of 2019 for $ 300, according to at least one blog that may have broken a press embargo.


One of the more unusual Alexa-integrated products to debut at CES was Daikin One +, a smart thermostat and controller for Daikin's smart HVAC converter system. The idea is to allow "visualizing the air" in their homes, tracking temperature and air quality through an ecosystem of indoor air quality modules, in addition to other typical smart thermostat functions. The company has not yet revealed pricing or availability information for the thermostat, which also supports Google Assistant.

Introduction to Daikin One + ™ Smart Thermostat and Ecosystem for Intelligent Air Control

A sophisticated, integrated temperature control + air quality solution for smart home from the world's largest HVAC company

HOUSTON & LAS VEGAS – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Daikin North America LLC today introduced Daikin One + ™ smart thermostat, an architecturally inspired intelligent home air control. In addition to a typical smart thermostat, it is a control unit for a fully professional plumbing system with a growing ecosystem of air quality modules to give consumers greater control over the air they breathe and a premium HVAC experience.

"Daikin's philosophy is a simplicity. Fitness-for-purpose. Craftsmanship. Thoroughness. A sense of calm."

Daikin, the world's largest manufacturer of heat, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), is a global innovator of advanced solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications for 90+ years. With the introduction of the Daikin One ™ ecosystem, Daikin ends the status quo on the HVAC market, where the players have been conservative in adopting IoT technology and, until recently, shifted leadership in the smart thermostat category

The intelligent thermostat Daikin One + is the first smart thermostat that offers full-featured communication and acts as a cloud-connected hub and controller for sophisticated, communicating HVAC systems. In combination with Daikin's smart HVAC converter system, such as the Daikin FIT ™ system, Daikin One indoor air quality module ecosystem offers an unrivaled, integrated temperature control and air quality solution. It lets people " Visualize Air ™" inside their home and respond to signals to provide a premium indoor environment. It is " Air Intelligence ™."

The smart thermostat Daikin One + differs from other smart thermostats in four ways:

1. It is not just a switch to turn the HVAC system on and off. Other smart thermostats from consumer electronics companies lack protocols to communicate with HVAC equipment. And while some other HVAC manufacturers offer custom controls, they lack sophisticated user interfaces and physical design.

2nd In combination with Daikin One ecosystem, it offers indoor air quality modules, including Daikin One air purifier, Daikin A home air monitor and Daikin One zone monitors that all works seamlessly. For example, the tenant is notified when a contamination occurs and is able to run the HVAC system to reduce pollution.

3rd Because of its intelligence, Daikin One + smart thermostat allows users to set different temperatures in different zones of a home, making accommodation comfortable wherever they are in the home.

4th The thermostat interface allows a user to decide how to control a home temperature in two different ways: digital and analog. Daikin offers both technology for simple and sophisticated control, in an elegantly designed thermostat.

Reinsert the thermostat: Apply world-class design for added simplicity and premium experience

Daikin A + smart thermostat was beautifully designed and designed in collaboration with one of the consumer electronics industry and Silicon Valley leading industrial product designers, Fred Bould of Bould Design. Bould, designer of many iconic consumer units, worked in partnership with Dubberly Design Office to develop a state-of-the-art user interface with Daikin engineers in Houston.

The thermostat design has a dual square structure that parisises a sophisticated high resolution digital color touch screen on the left side with the proven functionality of a classic analogue rotary control on the right. This arrangement reflects well-established patterns of cognitive interaction (left-to-right reading). For quick and quick temperature adjustment, the steering wheel is the perfect tool. For more involved control, such as setting a schedule, a refined capacitive touch interface offers an easily understandable menu system. A single button press on the display shows access to the full range of settings.

New and unoccupied users see the current temperature, turn the knob and see the setting points. But only cranes are other important features – scheduled changes to the set point, energy saving "off" settings and air quality readings. Users can also choose user-friendly mobile applications and voice control via leading voice support platforms. Professional contractors can go even deeper into operations, but these settings are kept well out of everyday life for casual users.

Reinforcement of the touch interface is a thin strip of light that projects an orange or blue glow under the thermostat to indicate the current system mode: orange for heating, blue for cooling. A proximity sensor raises the thermostat to be ready for entry.

Daikin took the same care with the design and development of the user interface, companion mobile app and contractor installation app.

"Daikin's philosophy is one of simplicity. Fitness-for-purpose. Craftsmanship. Thoroughness. A sense of calm," said Dennis Thoren, CEO of Technology Strategy for Daikin. "We explicitly designed Daikin One + smart thermostat for three different audience groups: free users who simply want to change the temperature; homeowners who are concerned about maximizing efficiency and adjusting the settings to their needs, and finally, they must work for our professional contractors, those who install the system, who have sophisticated technical needs. "

Inside Daikin ] A + smart thermostat

An integrated Wi-Fi radio connects to the home owner's app over the Internet, while a sub-GHz radio collects data from remote sensors and talks to other home thermostats to support independent zone control. Dual processors allow the thermostat to connect to other thermostats and the companion app, collect data from the remote control and maintain two-way communication with the HVAC equipment to control the entire system. Geo-fencing automatically reduces energy consumption and saves money when no one is at home, and the device supports demand-for-use programs to further reduce energy costs.

Daikin One cloud is also seamlessly integrated with open smart home architectures including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has an open application programming interface (API) for other home automation platforms, so consumers can easily use features like voice control. Furthermore, Daikins One clouds can allow tools to reduce energy demand easily and efficiently using the OpenADR 2.0 protocol which allows consumers to benefit from lower electricity bills.

About Daikin

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL) is a Fortune 1000 company with over 70,000 employees worldwide, and is the world's number one air conditioning company. Daikin North America LLC (DNA) is a subsidiary of DIL. DNA and its subsidiaries manufacture heating and cooling systems for residential, commercial and industrial use and are sold through a select group of independent HVAC contractors. DIL manufacturing operations include facilities in Houston, TX and Fayetteville, TN. For more information, visit www.northamerica-daikin.com.

Further information:

Before purchasing this appliance, read important information on the estimated annual energy consumption, annual operating cost or energy efficiency

D-Link's new network and Google Assistant / Alexa-enabled series Exo routers and extenders are typically alien and built for reliable speed. Appeal to the gaming market, the Exo routers have an 880 MHz dual-core processor and an "Auto Healing" feature that turns on when a node in the network fails. There are no price data yet, but the series will be available during the first quarter of 2019. In addition, D-Link announced new indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi smart plugs that do not have price tags yet, but should start in the second quarter of 2019.

DUX [19659049] The Swedish luxury bedmaker DUX has made a bed with built-in Alexa. The integration comes as a result of a collaboration with the smart speaker company Stellé, and the idea is simple – your bed becomes one of your smart home speakers, through which you can request light attenuation or temperature changes or anything else that your smart home can support. However, the bed does not seem to have any smart features. It's just a luxury bed sold at $ 4,950 for a king size mattress and will be launched in DUXIANA stores in the US in May.

LAS VEGAS Jan. 7, 2018 / PRNewswire / – DUX provides simple and elegant control to technology-filled bedrooms with the latest edition: A bed with Alexa built into it, which will serve as the center point for sleep routines.

DUX, in collaboration with Stellé, an award-winning smartphone company, announced the bed during the CES week of Las Vegas . The Swedish luxury maker made the announcement to start his mission to integrate the technology into the bedroom with the help of products and features designed to promote the perfect sleep environment.

"Too often, technology is a distraction at bedtime, but with the launch of our bed that has Alexa embedded in it, we change it," Ed Curry president of DUX North America said. "Our goal is to combine our sleep science expertise with voice-enabled technology that delivers seamless routines."

The bed will be available online and in most DUXIANA stores in the US starting in May. The bed is available in Queen, King and California King Sizes with King Size Bed Retail for $ 4,950 .

To adapt to the DUX and stellé's commitment to stylish design, it is discreetly mounted on the underside of the bed.

"Design should create an emotional connection to the product and brand," Wayne Ludlum president and founder, stellé. "And we are happy to cooperate with DUX to bring voice and technology to the bedroom."

DUX has studied sleep science for almost a century, all to give the best sleep. But as important as a large bed, a relaxing evening routine is also crucial for a good night's sleep. This is where DUX's technical integration takes place. With the DUX app synchronized to the bed, you can handle your home from under the cover – without lifting a finger.

"We know them 15 to 30 minutes just before bed is so important, when you start to relax and get ready to sleep, Curry said." The partnership with Stellé is the first step in placing DUX as a bedtime concierge as handles everything from damping the lights and steering your evening meditation, to changing the temperature for ideal sleeping conditions. "

To learn more about DUX's new bed, visit duxiana.com/CES.

About DUX
90 years, DUX has mixed sleep science with world-class craftsmanship to deliver some of the most advanced beds available.DUX, headquartered in Sweden is committed to improving life through better sleep, combining research, the finest materials and the most experienced craftsmen, to provide a healthier sleep. For more information visit Duxiana.com or one of its 22 North American stores.

About Stellé
Stellé is a joint spirit to create design-oriented sound technology with wireless products that is the perfect audio and style union. Stellé's award-winning speakers are created with women in mind, bridging the gap between fashion, technology and design. Stellé delivers unparalleled sound, and includes simple Amazon Alexa voice control and multi-device network freedom while seamlessly integrating into any lifestyle, at home or on the go. For more information, visit www.stelleaudio.com


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GE added some new products for the C brand from GE smart home brand this year at CES with new full-color LED smart lights, a smart light switch (which works with "stupid" lights), a smart plug and a motion sensor. All products work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple's HomeKit. Some product prices are still in operation, but the lights are set to cost between $ 40 and $ 75, while the smart connector becomes $ 25.


Kitchen appliance manufacturer Gourmia showed off several new smart devices that can be controlled via the app and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Among the devices shown on CES: a 7-quarter digital air freezer ($ 180), 11-in-1 deluxe multicooker (not currently listed online), and a 10-cup coffee grinder and manufacturer (no price listed yet). [19659073] "We want to be at the forefront of consumer experience of linked and smart cooking," said the Gourmia founder Heshy Biegeleisen . "It is important for us that we offer appliances that are meaningful to consumers or solve a need for them. And we can do that with our special platform that makes it possible for us to make some of our products smart. The most innovative, easy to use The kitchen appliances, which make cooking pleasant, hassle-free and smart. "

Gourmia IoT products give users three options on how to prepare food or drink.

1) They can go smart and use the exclusive Gourmia mobile search appliance Mia that allows users to make a lot of cooking steps from virtually anywhere via their mobile iOS or Android devices. With Mia, users can remotely trade chefs, cook times and temperatures, find recipe suggestions and even receive warnings. Mia is free and available on the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

2) Or they can simply say, "Alexa, ask Mia" or "Hello Google, ask Mia" to perform a specific step in using their Gourmia device. And it is done automatically and quickly.

3) Or if the user is old or a practical person, they – gulp – can do it themselves manually.

Gourmia will present the following IoT products at CES 2019.

  • 7-Quart Digital Humidifier (GAF678) A power supply, all-in-one air freezer, rotisserie and dehydrator that helps families eat healthy, as they are fries, heat, toast, and dehydrate foods without fat and calories that come when cooking with oil – 100% oil-friendly! Still, it still delivers the great, crispy goodness of crisp fried food. It has an extra large door with EZ windows, 10 chef-in-one touch modes, RadiVection 360 ° technology that quickly circulates hot air in all directions, expressing heating systems that cook up to 30% faster than a regular oven , and an extensive accessory kit. GAF678 air freezer is used proudly by world-renowned chef, television personality, health and fitness expert, and mom Cat Cora.
  • 11-in-1 Deluxe MultiCooker (GWCM695) A spacious 6.5 quartz -I wonder what does it all! From long-cooked chili to roasted chicken, sous vide, homemade yogurt and more, this 11-in-1 MultiCooker takes cooking to the next level. Features include a simple screen with presets and adjustable controls, large heat-resistant glass lid and a prescription book. Nonstick removable interior pot assures that there is no messy cleaning. An appliance, endless possibilities.
  • Coffee maker with 10 cups and coffee grinder (GCMW4750) This coffee maker Gourmia is designed exclusively for coffee lighter so that they can make their favorite coffee maker in their own home! It contains a built-in mill; powerful gate or brew combination that automatically converts fresh beans or favorite mix into the foreground into rich, robust coffee; programmable timer; LED display; 30 minutes keep warm capacity; and automatic shutdown. Elegant stainless steel body is paired with a 10-cup crystal clear glass carafe.

ETL Listed
Gourmia takes the quality of their products very seriously. The company is ETL certified so that retailers and users can be sure that they sell / buy safe, efficient, high quality appliances.

About Gourmia
Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY ] Gourmia is passionate about cooking and tools for a healthy lifestyle. With decades of expertise, Gourmia's founder knows that chefs are looking for reliable, easy-to-use tools that make life easier. From sous vide immersion cookers to multifunctional cookers and juicers, the team at Gourmia has taken input from chefs and consumers to make their products best in their category. All of the company's products are designed to deliver a higher standard for innovation, performance and value. For more information, visit http://www.gourmia.com.


One of the world's most famous household business companies is expanding their smart home collection in the states this spring with its line of Forttur smart window shades, operating via physical remote control, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant. US pricing has not yet been announced, but if it is similar to European pricing, a set of blinds will probably start at about $ 136. The new Ikea smart home supplement will be available in US stores starting April 1.


Mobile accessory company iOttie revealed a car mount with built-in Alexa on the show. The bracket has dual microphones and noise reduction software so that it can filter out surrounding driving sounds. The microphones can be switched off at any time. Other than that, it's a fairly common car mount. Pricing is not yet available, but it will come later later in the first quarter of 2019.

iOttie launches revolutionary smartphone car mounted with Amazon Alexa built-in, giving hands-free access to Alexa directly from your vehicle

IOttie continues to push the boundaries of what mobile accessories can offer with Easy One Touch Connect, a high-quality smartphone car mount with unmatched functionality.

LAS VEGAS – January 7, 2019 – iOttie, a leading mobile accessory company, today announced its Easy
One Touch Connect smartphone car mounted with Amazon Alexa built-in. A first-class product, the mount
supports most common Alexa features and functions, including access to more than 70,000
Alexa skills, right from your vehicle. By working with Amazon to develop Easy One Touch Connect
and with its own patented Easy One Touch mechanism, iOttie has created a functional and
intelligent car mount. Easy One Touch Connect will be available for purchase on Amazon.com and
iOttie.com later in the first quarter of 2019.

"IOttie is constantly developing us to improve users' experiences with their smartphones" said iOttie
Senior Director, Eric Kang. "By working with Amazon to design Easy One Touch Connect, we
can add value to customers by quickly and easily interacting with Alexa from the road
. Easy One Touch Connect also keeps a smartphone safe and secure to a dashboard or
windshield so you can focus on the road. With this device, we expand the capabilities and capabilities
of smartphones in all parts of our lives. " The car, and that means creating tools for
Device processors like embedding Alexa directly into their car products, "said Ned Curic, VP of
Alexa Auto on Amazon. "Easy One Touch Connect improves driving experience by providing a simple, intuitive phone mount with
with secure mounting capabilities, and with Alexa built-in, drivers can enjoy
hands-free access to many of their favorite Alexa features – all while keeping your hands on the wheel
and the eyes on the road. "

Easy One Touch Connect from iOttie is one of the first car accessories built using Alexa
mobile accessory kit. With access to tens of thousands of Alexa Skills, users can ask Alexa to play
music, check the weather, get driving directions, control smart home devices, and more, while enjoying
smooth communication through dual high quality microphones and silencing audio filtering software
surrounding road noise. The device also includes iOty's patented Easy One Touch mechanism, which
allows users to easily lock and remove their smartphone with one hand. Thanks to IOttie's superior
shock-absorbing technology, Easy One Touch Connect offers the stability and security of users
has become known and trusted, so smartphones are locked in place so users can focus on the road. [19659008] IOttie will have Easy One Touch on the screen for demo during the entire CES from January 8-11 at LVCC,
South Hall 3 – 31514 and at Pepcom Digital Experience! at The Mirage on Monday, January 7th. The unit will be available later in 2019.

About iOttie

iOttie is a premium accessory brand headquartered in New York City. The company
was founded in 2010 and has integrated new technology with design to create new products that are user-friendly and
reinforces everyday life. IOttie's mission is to develop products that simplify the lives of their customers.
Through experiments and continuous search for new concepts, iOttie has been awarded 7 CES
Innovation Honoree Awards since 2013 and continues to introduce new innovative products to the
market. IOttie's product portfolio today consists of smartphone accessories and accessories, wireless
chargers and power supplies and smart devices. To learn more, visit www.iottie.com.


Jabra's new Elite 85h headphones have the services of Alexa, Siri and / or Google Assistant (depending on the user's preference) in addition to being noise reducing and IP52 rated for rain resistance. Furthermore, the Jabra can solve up to 32 hours of life, even though this feature is turned on, while the sound rarely disintegrates in the battery of a wireless headset. The headphones will be sold at $ 300 (or $ 400 in Canada, as the technical industry has it for our northern neighbors) and will be available in Best Buy from April.


JBL's new on-ear and over-ear Live series headphones have built-in Alexa and Google Assistant, of which you can access by simply pressing the left ear hook. Den Alexa-aktiverade Live-serien börjar på $ 100 och toppar ut på $ 200 över-örat Live 650BTNC, vilket också erbjuder aktiv brusavstängning. Hörlurarna är inställda för att träffa butiker under våren.

Juno AI

Såsom DUX-smarta sängen som nämnts ovan är syftet med Juno AI LED-downlight att göra digital assistans osynlig. Det är bara en enkel och diskret smarta downlight, men den har också JBL-högtalare och Amazon Alexa, så det kan också vara ett smart hemnav. Du kan berätta kommandon och göra saker som att be det att spela musik, utan att behöva en pesky Alexa-puck som klämmer upp diskutrymme.


Ljudföretaget Klipsch avslöjade flera nya ljudstänger på CES, inklusive Bar 48W, ett ljud bar med inbyggd Wi-Fi och Alexa-stöd (samt stöd för AirPlay 2 och Google Voice). Models range from 40 to 54 inches in width and prices begin at $300 and can travel all the way up to $1,600. Most models will be available this spring, while some will start shipping as late as this fall.


It's the connected tech we've all been waiting for: smart toilets. Kohler began dipping its toe in the smart home waters last year with announcements regarding Kohler Konnect at CES 2018. This year, many of its creations are finally going on sale alongside the Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet, Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, and the Veil Lighted Collection of luminous bathroom products – all of which support Amazon Alexa (and some of which support Google Assistant, as well). The most interesting gadget of the above-mentioned items is the smart toilet, of course, because it sounds both ridiculous and potentially very luxurious. It offers personalized cleaning and drying functions, a heated seat, built-in speakers, and multi-colored ambient lighting. It also sells for a whopping $8,000. Find our coverage on the rest of the (super pricey) items here.


There's a new Amazon Alexa-enabled Nanoleaf challenger on the scene, and its name is LaMetric Sky. LaMetric Sky takes the same idea of customizable LED smart lights and makes them smaller and a little bit smarter with the option of having the mosaic tiles show live data. There's no pricing or availability information just yet, but more will likely be revealed this year.


The title 2-in-1 is usually slang for a laptop-tablet hybrid, but Lenovo debuted some 2-in-1s at this year's CES that are a bit different. Lenovo Smart Tabs are fully-featured Android tablets that double as smart displays when settled in their accompanying smart docks. Considering how little most people use either of those devices, the decision to jam those two things in one makes a lot of sense, at least for the consumer. There are two versions, the P10, which is the premium version for $300, and the M10, which is $200. The main benefits of the P10 are better specs (more storage, RAM, and a larger battery) a fingerprint sensor, glass back, and a smaller and lighter form. Pre-orders begin this month on Amazon and through Lenovo's own site.

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