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E-cigarette giant Juul stops the sale of fruity flavors when banning looms

A Juul Labs Inc. e-cigarette, USB charger and flavored skis are arranged for a photograph in Brooklyn Borough, New York.

Gabby Jones | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Juul announced on Thursday that it will immediately suspend the sale of popular fruity e-cigarette makers ahead of a Trump administration policy that is expected to remove all flavored e-cigarettes from the market.

Juul last year stopped selling its flavored e-cigarettes at retailers amid press from the Food and Drug Administration. Customers could only get the flavors ̵

1; cream, mango, fruit, cucumber – on its age-restricted website.

Trump administration officials said they would remove all flavored pods, including mint and menthol, leaving only tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes on the market. Juul said it will continue to sell its coin and menthol nicotine skis in the meantime. The company said the new policy is effective immediately.

"We are continuing to review our policies and practices in advance for the FDA's flavor guide and have not made any final decisions," Juul spokesman Austin Finan said in a statement. "We refrain from lobbying the administration in its drafting direction and will fully support and follow the definitive policy when it is effective."

Amid a teenage epidemic and an outbreak of a deadly weapon-related lung disease, the Trump administration last month said it was ready to remove all flavored e-cigarettes from the market until the FDA reviews them and authorizes them to return to the shelves. Administration officials then said the plan would be released within weeks. They have not yet produced one.

Correction: This article was updated to correct that the Trump administration plans to remove flavor and menthol flavors from the market.

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