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Due to TSA absence, Miami Airport will temporarily close a terminal early for 3 days

The security checkpoints in terminal G will be closed after 1 o'clock on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, he said. Terminal G is one of six terminals in the airport.

"Due to an increased number of TSA screens that do not report to the job, we have decided to take this precautionary step and move 12 flights to adjacent concourses in the afternoon," he said.

  It is still safe to fly. But maybe not, if the suspension goes on

Chin told the Miami Herald that federal screeners are calling sick to double the normal rate of Miami and TSA executives are not convinced that they will have enough workers to run all 11 control points throughout airport at normal hours.

"We felt we had to make decisions for the weekend," said Chin magazine. "They are sick on the precautionary side."

The closure of the government has left TSA employees working without wages, causing concern that airports may not be able to provide the standard security standard.

In a wave of what a federal official has called as "blue flu" – a snapshot of the blue shirts worn by TSA officers – hundreds of TSA screeners at least four major airports have shouted from their shifts since the suspension began in December. .

Last week, TSA spokesman Michael Bilello admitted that "callouts began during the holiday season and has increased", and that the agency was careful to monitor the situation.

Union officials say officials cannot afford to work unpaid.

An official from the TSA Union told CNN that some employees have found that they are actually harming them financially when they bill themselves in childcare and commuting costs. Some skipped work to seek temporary jobs to help stop meeting.

Two federal officials talking to CNN on Friday said the officers protested in protest against the expectation that they would work without paychecks until the Trump administration and Congress made an agreement to end the suspension.

About 51,000 TSA officials are among the 800,000 government officials who work either unpaid or at work and will miss their first full paychecks this week.

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