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Dual SIM 6.1 inch iPhone does not go out of China

In a few weeks, Apple will finally release its A team for the year to the end of 2019. And if you thought that last year's three options made it a bit difficult, wait until you get what Apple has planned for consumers in year. That is, if you are in China, there may be four models to choose from. Or at least one variant that will not be available elsewhere in the world. It may or may not be good for American buyers who might have hoped for a double SIM iPhone year after year.

Apple has so far refused to bargain on a feature that all its competitors have given consumers for years. 2018 may be the year it finally provides, providing a dual SIM dual standby (DSDS) version of 6.1-inch LCD iPhone in China. But according to Taiwanese release Economic Daily News, it will be a Chinese exclusive.

It's not hard to see why Apple finally performs a highly sought after feature at least in China. It quickly loses ground on the Android OEM market, especially for Xiaomi and Huawei. It must now make greater efforts to appeal to consumers where they expect the expensive smartphones to support two SIM cards.

What's a little harder to understand is why Apple will limit that model to China, which is hardly the only market that has a high proportion of dual SIM smartphone users. Europe also comes in mind. It is slowly becoming one thing in the US, but slower than in other markets.

There may still be hope if it is still uncertain. Previous industry sources claimed that 6.1

-inch LCD iPhone will be delivered with a SIM card, but will also support a second eSIM. The reason is that Apple would actually have preferred this combination, but given the eSIM technology is not available in China, the direct DSDS path must be in place.

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