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DrDisrespect says he has “no idea” why Twitch banned him in the first YouTube stream

Former Twitch streamer and current YouTube hopeful guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm officially returned to live streaming on Friday afternoon. More than 500,000 people voted to hear the mustachioed boaster tell his side of the much-publicized Twitch ban, which he claims he still has no idea about.

“We still have no idea,” he said at the beginning of the YouTube stream before repeating that line a few more times.

Polygon contacted Twitch, but the livestock company reiterated its previous statement to take “appropriate action” when a user has “acted in violation of”

; their Community guidelines and terms of service. But as Beahm says, he is still in the dark as to what happened and why he was removed from the Amazon-owned cattle service.

“As for me, we did nothing to justify a ban, let alone how they went about banning us,” he said. “No communication before, no reach, nothing.”

In particular, the ban had Beahm signed a multi-year contract to stay on Twitch. While figures were not revealed, Twitch probably paid good money to ensure that one of its most watched artists remained on the platform. Beahm’s comments during the stream suggested that there might be some legal action regarding his contract.

“You’re talking about a heavy contract, a lot of money,” he said, noting that he must be careful about what he says about the ban situation. “There is a lot of money involved. So let the legal professionals do what they need to do. “

Viewers seemed happy to have the vest-clad entertainer back, with lots of donations pouring in when Beahm swore it would be the last time he handled the situation.

“My conscience, I feel so good,” he said, before telling people who assumed he must have done something bad to get a ban.

“So that’s your update,” he said. For part of the live stream, Beahm chose to watch other creators’ games for titles such as the new kid-on-the-block battle royale, Fall Guys. Later he played some Call of Duty: Warzone. He punctured the occasion by telling viewers about some upcoming limited edition items that they could pre-order for $ 30.

“Taxes were heavy this year,” he later added, noting that “for a second I thought I was in trouble.”

Update: Added the mention of DrDisrespect’s games during the live stream.

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