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Drake Releases Double Album "Scorpion & # 39;

Drake released its fifth official album, Scorpion early Thursday night . The album has a Page A and Page B – probably shared to showcase Dragon's rap and song. Scorpion clicks into a hefty 25 songs and has number one singles "God's plan" and "Nice for what" (as well as definitely not topped "I'm busy"). Scorpion s releases attract a tumultuous six month rollout, which began in January with the release of Drakes Scary Hours EP.

Drake wrote his own "Editor's Notes" for Apple Music, and wrote: "I hate when dragon rap. Dragon draws too much." Drake is a pop artist. "Drake does not even write his own songs. Drake did not start from the bottom." Drake is finished, I like dragon's older things. "Drake makes music for girls Drake thinks he's Jamaican Drake is an actor Drake changes. Other Drake … Yes yes we know.

The album is Drake's first project since 2017 More Life which he billed as a playlist. It's his first album since 2016 commercially successful but critically panned Views . The difference between one album and a mixtape or playlist are unclear, but it's a difference that Drake takes pains to do.

Because of the introduction of "God's Plan" and "Nice for What" Scorpion is guaranteed commercial success from the beginning. Songs on the album have already been streamed over 1 billion times.

For most artists, the type of guaranteed sales built into a release would be considered an unfortunate success for an al bum rolling. However, dragon was sown by a high-profile beef with Pusha-T. In May, Pusha-T hit the subliminal shot over the proverbial bow on his song "Infrared", the last song of DAYTONA his Kanye-West produced album. In short, Drake responded with the cut "Duppy Freestyle", which was evident in the attacks on both Pusha and West.

But it was the release of "Adidon's story", a scathing disso from Pusha-T, which made Drake look like his underdog. Among other allegations, "Adidon" claimed that Drake hid a child and its cover art was a newly formed image of Drake in blackface. Despite the rumors of a Drake response, the beef stopped there. Kanye West tweeted that the beef was over, and Drake lay low for a few weeks.

All suspicions that his beef with Pusha-T would track the success of Scorpion was added when "Nice for what", Dragon's long-awaited number One single, returned to its highest place after the beef was completed , and the "Upset" video – a Degrassi reunion, directed by Karena Evans – became a viral sensation.

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