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Draft preview: Will the Vikings look at their future at quarterback?

Initial in the NFL draft from Thursday, April 25, the Star Tribune will evaluate the roll of roles, the draft history and the college's prospects during this eight-part series.

The Vikings' commitment to quarterback Kirk Cousins, a three-year $ 84 million bet on the team's readiness to win now, has ripple effects throughout the route. One of the smaller, but remarkable, aftershocks can reinforce a folding approach to the NFL draft: Rick Spielman uses only draft quarter for development quarter.

Minnesota has drafted the smallest quarterbacks (2) among all NFL teams in The Last Decade outside Atlanta, where Falcons have started Matt Ryan all the time. Vikings' two drafts pick up passers (Teddy Bridgewater, Christian Ponder) since 2009 are bound by three franchises that boast of future Hall of Fame quarterbacks in Saints, Packers and Chargers. The games have been rare and just great.

Latest. The Vikings have the NFL's only front office who has not drawn a quarterback off the first round in a decade. An enormous investment in cousins ​​can prevent it from changing, as the Vikings allocate resources to the rest of the roster. Former Rams quarterback Sean Mannion, who is expected to sign a one-year deal with the Vikings, adds a third match to the room after the loss of Trevor Siemian to Jets in the free agency.

Contract Year
Kirk Kusiner (2020)
Sean Mannion (201

Kyle Sloter (2019)

Draft History
Teddy Bridgewater (2014, 32: e general)
Christian Ponder
John David Booty (2008, 137th overall)
Tyler Thigpen (2007, 217th overall)
Tarvaris Jackson (2006, 64th overall) [19659003] Don't forget
Kyle Sloter. The third-year star has presented two strong advances, but has been anchored in number 3 on the depth chart. If Mannion is his best competition this summer, Sloter can have a legitimate shot when he earns the backup job this time. He is excited to join the new Viking's quarterback coach Klint Kubiak, who coached Sloter in Denver.

Five names to know
Kyle Kempt, Iowa State: The last time at quarterback had a productive run like Iowa State starting in 2017 before he fought and suffered a damaged knee during last this year's seasonal opener. The cyclones beat No. 3 Oklahoma and No. 4 TCU with Kempt during the center last season.

Brett Rypien, Boise State: What Rypien (6-1, 210) lacks in prototypical size, athleticism and armor, he made up with accuracy and skill in college. He threw for 90 touchdowns to 29 eavesdroppers in four seasons. The rypie also had a solid week during the East West Shrine Game and practice while playing for the West team coached by Vikings linebackers coach Adam Zimmer.

Easton Stick, North Dakota State: Stick stuffed big shoes as he stepped in for Carson Wentz, and the three-year team captain became the full-time FCS full-time leader with a 49-3 record in four seasons.

Manny Wilkins, Arizona State: Wilkins was a double threat as a three-year starter for Sun Devils, throwing 52 touchdowns and dropping for 20 touchdowns. He has proven to have a strong arm, but reportedly he is projecting as unpolished for the NFL.

Taylor Cornelius, Oklahoma State: Another unobstructed prospect of natural talents is Cornelius, who was not invited to combine but should draw interest as a liberated free agent. He is listed 6-6 and 232 pounds, making him an interesting project after throwing for 32 touchdowns and 13 eavesdropping in his lonely season at the helm.

How It Will Happen
Our Best Guess is Vikings will add another quarterback to the undrafted free agency, with the level of the player depending on how they approach the bidding war for the best of who leaves after the NFL Draft. They can only settle for a camp arm picked up by a trial of three quarterbacks that are already expected to be under contract.

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