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Download Google Pixel 4’s new Eclipse Live Wallpaper on any device

The new Google Pixel 4a should reach the hands of consumers who pre-ordered the phone next week, so there should be no surprises left for us to discover. But there was one small discovery that slipped under the radar until now: the presence of a new live wallpaper called “Eclipse.”

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This live wallpaper was first discovered by Droid-Life earlier this week, and it’s coming as part of the “Come Alive” section of the Google Wallpapers app. The description of “Eclipse” reads as follows: “Look at the colors that decrease and flow as the battery life changes.” “Eclipse” is a fairly simple live wallpaper that shows a blue or purple hue that slowly fades from the top of the screen to the bottom as the phone̵

7;s battery level decreases. The blue hue appears when the phone’s system-wide theme is set to “Light”, while the purple hue appears when the phone’s system-wide theme is set to “Dark.”

Here are two screenshots showing the purple and blue tones of the “live wallpaper”:

Thanks to XDA accredited developer Pranav Pandey, I installed Google Pixel 4’s “Eclipse” live wallpaper on my ASUS ROG phone 3. Pranav Pandey is the developer responsible for porting live wallpapers from Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4, so there is no surprise to see him return to the newly discovered Pixel 4a live wallpaper.

Here are Pranav Pandey’s release notes for this live wallpaper port:


  • Android 7.0+ support by removing the Wallpaper Colors API introduced in Android 8.1 (API 27). Due to this, the system interface of the color interface does not change due to the live wallpaper on the supported devices. Download separately 8.1+ APK with all functionality.
  • Nothing particularly arm64-dependent so I think it should work on most devices.
  • I found that some features (and a new wallpaper) are under development. I will try to investigate further for future updates.
  • Ambient mode was disabled by default within APK. So I think it will not work on Always On display.
  • Tested on Xperia Z5 Android 7.1 (API 25).

You can download the Eclipse live wallpaper from the links below. Visit Pranav Pandey’s forum thread on XDA to follow his latest development efforts or ask questions about this port.

Download Google Pixel 4a Eclipse Live Wallpaper (Ported by Pranav Pandey): For Android 7.0-8.0 ||| For Android 8.1+ ||| Snapshots


Pranav Pandey discovered that Google was working on another live wallpaper for Pixel 4a called “Pulley.” However, it seems that Pulley live wallpaper is not fully implemented yet as there are no services or Dex files associated with it. Still, he has extracted the still images from this unimplemented live wallpaper that you can use on any device. Below you will find a preview of the two pulleys of pulley. to download them in their original quality, click on the “Still Images” link above.

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