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Donald Trump suggests that things can become "very bad" for Democrats who do not support their presidency

President Donald Trump suggested that his followers be harder than the Democrats and if they actually play tough it can become "very bad".

The manager commented in an interview with the right-handed news outlet Breitbart, where he explained that left in American politics plays a more "cruel" political game than the court.

"You know the left is playing a tougher game. It's very funny," Trump argued in the interview, which was first published Wednesday. "I actually think the people on the right are harder, but they don't play it harder."

"I can say that I have the support of the police, the military support, the support of the cyclists of Trump. I have tough people, but they do not play tough ̵

1; until they go to a certain point. And then it would be very bad – very poorly, he continued. "But the left plays it nicer and harder – like all the nonsense they do in Congress … with all this investing [igations]. That's all they want to do is – you know they are doing things that are nasty. "" The Republicans never played this, "the president concluded.

Trump's comments were generally condemned by political observers and social media analysts.

"This is … a threat of fascist violence by the president" MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted Thursday.

Meanwhile, Greg Sargent, a Washington Post opinion writer, disagreed with Hayes. tweeted "In fact, no it's not a threat. He just says it * can * happen. And it would be very, very bad, so you would rather not hope! all the time with the trick. "

Conservative writer Jennifer Rubin said that Trump's comments resembled those of Italy's former fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

Trump's interview with Breitbart was not the first time that some of his remarks were perceived by critics to encourage violence against their political enemies.

During a rally for late Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley in September of September, Trump said: "The Democrat [ic]] is being held hostage by activists, by angry mob Antifa, by deep state radicals and their establishment cronies … They are so happy we are peaceful. "

" Police, military, construction workers, cyclists for trump … They travel all over the country … They've been good, Trump said at that time. "But these are tough people … But they are peaceful people. And Antifa and everyone – they'd better hope they stay that way."

Trump said he would like to strike a protest on his face and see him being performed on a tighter at a campaign rally in Las Vegas in 2016.

"The guards are very gentle with him," Trump said at that time. "I'd like to hit him in the face, I'll tell you that." He then regretted – "We must not fight back anymore" – and hinted that he lacks "the good old days" when the protest would be treated differently. "

" You know what they used to do with a guy like that in such a place? "Trump asked the audience." They were to be performed on a tighter, people. "Protests regularly interrupted Trump's rally during the presidential campaign. At an event in Iowa in 2016, Trump told his supporters that he would pay his legal fees if they were involved in Violence against protesters that caused some problems.

"If you see someone getting ready to throw a tomato, you hit the shit out of them Trump said.

Trump told Fox News a black food in 2015. "I promise you, I'm paying for the legal fees. The activist who interrupted his rally was" so disgusting and so loud "that" he might have been rough. " 19659002] Throughout his mission in the White House, Trump has also aimed at journalists and their reporting and often eliminates unfavorable coverage of him as "false news" and explain the press to be "the enemy of the people." Sometimes Trump has even become Satisfied with violence against the press.

"A guy who can make a body sludge – he is my kind of guy," said Trump in October campaign for a Republican candidate Greg Gianforte, who claimed to be attacking a journalist in 2017. "I had heard he was crushing a reporter … and he was the way up. And I said, "Oh, this is terrible. He will lose the choice." Then I said, "I feel Montana pretty well." And I said, "I think it can help him." And it did. "

In February, the White House Correspondent Association called Trump to" make it clear to its supporters that violence against reporters is unacceptable. "

Meanwhile, the White House has claimed that Trump" condemns all acts of violence against individuals or groups of people. – including press members. "

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