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Donald Trump suddenly pulls ICE nominee Ron Vitiello to join someone "tougher"

"We go a little differently. Ron is a good man but we are going in a harder direction. We want to go in harder direction," Trump told on Friday at the White House.

The White House on Thursday night informed the Senate that it would withdraw its nomination of Vitiello to lead the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to a letter received by CNN.

This comes after a hard confirmation process where Vitiello previously submitted controversial social media to the light and the authority's trade union strongly opposed the nomination.

Trump nominated Vitiello, who has been the leading ICE in an actor since the end of June to lead the agency in August. He had previously been head of US Border Patrol and acting vice-commissioner for customs and border protection.

Earlier Thursday, the Senate Committee Committee held its nomination for Democrats' request.

  Secretary for Homeland at the Border Situation:
] But last month, ICE seemed a step closer to having a permanent director after the Senate Homeland Security Committee voted to move the appointment to a poll on the floor .

This vote came after two previous delays on his nomination, which had questioned

Trump did not mention any other potential nominees.

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