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Donald Trump doctor unexpectedly calls Walter Reed visit "routine"

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump's doctor dismissed speculation late Monday about his unexpected trip to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center over the weekend, calling the visit "routine" and "prevention."

Dr. Sean Conley, the president's doctor, dismissed speculation that the president had been taken to the hospital for chest pain and specifically said that Trump was not evaluated for "any acute or acute problems."

White House officials have been working to trivialize the unexpected visit on Saturday at the Washington-based suburban medical center. The president's annual physical is usually announced in advance to avoid speculation about his health, but was not in this case.

Although the White House usually discloses the president's weight, blood pressure and other details in an annual exam, Conley provided only the president's cholesterol levels. Conley said he would give a more comprehensive exam at the beginning of next year. The president last had his annual physical in February.

Results in February: Trump's weight up, cholesterol decline, president's doctors reveal

Trump had a total cholesterol level of 165, down from the 196's reported in February, Conley says.

"Primary preventive care is something that happens continuously throughout the year, it's not just a single annual event," Conley wrote in a memo edition late Monday of the White House.

Trump's health has long been a topic of interest, despite a doctor's assessment last year that he has "extremely good genes" and was "excellent health." The 73-year-old president does not exercise regularly, other than golf, and acknowledged last year that he is taking a statin drug designed to lower his cholesterol.

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Trump's investigation earlier this year showed that he had a blood pressure reading of 118 over 80, which is within the normal range, and weighed 243 pounds. The president had a resting heart rate at that time of 70 beats per minute, considered normal.

Conley said that the president was visiting medical personnel and the family of a soldier undergoing surgery. He said the visit was originally held off the record because of "planning uncertainties."

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