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Don McGahn's revelations to Mueller scare Trump's team the most, the reporter says

President Trump is preparing for fear of what former adviser Don McGahn told Specialist Robert Mueller as part of his Russian investigation.

The Ministry of Justice is expected to release an edited version of Mueller's report on Thursday, following the four-page summary of the report by Barrister Barr, submitted to Congress last month.

The White House has already been informed of the report, giving rise to some concerns among Trump's law.

Although Barr's summary said Mueller did not find the interaction between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin during the 201

6 election, ABC News & # 39; chief white correspondent Jon Karl said: "There is great concern about the president's law on what will be in this Report. "

During a look at "This Week" on Sunday, Karl said: "What is most worried about them is what Don McGahn told special councils."

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Washington Examiner .

During a recent off-the-record lunch, McGahn suggested that assistants learn more about his interactions with Trump during his time at the White House, according to Axios.

"I spent the last few years screaming at," McGahn said, according to two sources who attended a lunch earlier this month with McGahn and Republican Senate's assistants. "And you can soon read about some of the more lively debates I had with the president."

McGahn left the Trump administration last fall, after which he reunited his former law firm, Jones Day. McGahn sat with Mueller's team for at least 30 hours over several interviews, without his attorney offering a full debriefing to the president's lawyers about what is said during those meetings.

The chairman of the Justice Department Kerri Kupec said Monday an edited version of Mueller's nearly 400 report will be released on Thursday. The editors will include details of grand jury material, foreign intelligence that can compromise sources and practices and derogatory information about non-charged people.

According to Barr's summary, Mueller did not make a final determination as to whether Trump prevented justice. Barr wrote he and Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein decided that there was not enough evidence to establish such a crime.

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