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Don Majkowski, Aveion Cason sues NFL, NFLPA over cuts to disability payments

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Former NFL players Don Majkowski and Aveion Cason are suing the NFL and NFL Players Association for cuts made to their disabilities through the latest collective bargaining agreement.

According to Ken Belson from The New York TimesMajkowski and Cason filed the complaint in court last Friday in Washington DC

The latest CBA signed in March came with a provision that will reduce disability payments for about 400 former players from January. The value lost through the agreement can be over $ 2,000 per month because it is tied to the value of their social security benefits.

“It’s important in sports that you do not change the rules of the game in the middle of the game,” said Paul Secunda, a lawyer for the players, in a statement. “But that’s exactly what the NFL is all about. and the NFLPA did with its most vulnerable members. “

According to the report, the new CBA is reversing a provision that guaranteed that all players who were evaluated by an external physician to be eligible for Social Security benefits would be exempt from the NFL. The new CBA sees that the planned provision will disappear.

Majkowski made a 1989 Pro Bowl quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He played for the Packers from 1997-1992 and then continued for two seasons with both the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions. Cason played for five different teams during his career including the Lions, St. Louis Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs.

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