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Does bleach kill bed bugs?

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we are in different phases of the period- 21st century and now we are totally in control of diseases and bad bugs still sometimes we get a problem out of mind. Though it’s not killing at some extent, few people say it kills too, yes the Bed Bugs. it might kill humans too but very rare. But does bleach kill bed bugs or not? We will find out ways for it too, first of all, we have to find out if we have bed bugs or not?

Bed bugs signs:


: There might be bloodstains on pillows or bed covers.

2: There might be rust too on bed sheets and bed all linings and even on walls

3: There will be a specific place where bed bugs will be hiding. That way, we can locate eggshells or distorted skin or skin covers.

4:  Very odd smell will come out from clothes or bugs scent glands.

Bed bugs usually hide in folded areas of mattress and clothes.

Bed bugs usually feed on warm-blooded animals and humans too. The carbon dioxide we exhale gives them biological factors to survive and they get attracted to humans.

The worst it could be if bed bugs bite a human, which is very painful. And those bites are so harsh looking scary. And they might cut clothes and the human gets rashes from head to toe

Bleach(kills bugs) is a by-product to clean many things, used for humans cleaning or clearing stains or colors or cutting down or fading up anything. Bleach can be used to fade away hair color or tan face or stains can also be removed with it. Normal big stains are easily washed and removed if the cloth is dipped for a few minutes in the bleach solution. The solution is prepared by mixing water with bleach drops.

Bleach does kill bed bugs. But bleach is a little harsh on furniture, walls or on the carpet. But still, we can adopt many methods to use bleach and kill the bugs.

Bleach can be combined with vinegar but it produces toxic chlorine gas which is harmful to health so avoid it but it’s very good for bugs, in fact, it’s tempting. Does bleach kill bed bugs? Yes it does simple and technically by oxidizing fumes their shells or body with sodium hypochlorite and spray should be done directly on bugs and at the same time furniture comes under damaging conditions by bleach. And, avoid breathing in those fumes instead cover your face with a mask.

Bed bugs can be killed by bleach but sometimes if it’s not available we can refer ourselves to other things that might be present at home or can be brought from the market. Bleach can be very toxic at times for household furniture and other objects.

Smells that bugs hate are tea tree oil, lavender oil, diatomaceous earth, lemon juice, and pepper powder.

Does bleach kill bed bugs? Yes, it does!! undiluted bleach may kill bed bugs if it is used directly on insects. More insects are in contact with bleach more chances of them to die. It is not possible that u get bed bugs separately instead there will be clusters found together. First, make a solution and throw a bleach solution to kill them properly.

But here are a few tips which could be used better.

Ways to use bleach for killing bed bugs:

  1. First of all, throw all unnecessary things which are not required like wall hangings, extra boxes. All other items that are totally useless and remove clutter from the wall.
  2. Remove everything from drawers and seal up garbage to stop the bugs to breathe.
  3. Make a solution of detergent, hot water, and color-safe bleach. Dip cloth in it and then dry cloth in a heated place.
  4. Wash them in a preheated place and vacuum room completely and keep washed clothes in sealed place and in fact choose a new place for those washed items.
  5. Mix home bleach with an equal amount of hot water and soak clothes in it. Spray on mattress and vacuum room completely. Do dusting and make room refresh.
  6. Use bleach on other hidden places too. It is highly recommended to use bleach but if it is risky for furniture use lavender smell or diatomaceous earth. Spray it on insects.
  7. For few days avoid using the room, clean again and again, put the mattress in extreme sunlight and wash clothes.
  8. And make sure you don’t quit cleaning on a daily basis. Clean boxes, headboards, and crevices. Expose to sunlight and clean wardrobes and drawers.
  9. Sealing the mattress for 12 months can really suffocate the bed bugs and kill their eggs and shells and new production will not occur, old ones will die of suffocation.


Bleach does kill bugs but here are precautions that should be kept in mind always.

  1. If bleach is sprayed on top of mattress it’s not necessary that all bed bugs will die or their eggs will be killed. For that, you have to be very careful. And, be sure bleach is not diluted and it is properly sprayed on each and every corner side of the bed.
  2. If you are not wearing any mask then inhaling bleach may cause many diseases like headaches and vomiting or little more suffocation. Before using each product read the label of the product and instructions.
  3. If bed bugs are spread so much then it’s better not to use the mattress again instead discard it. That’s the best option.
  4. Always follow deep cleaning and rewash unless doubtless.