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Dodgers beat Phillies after long rain delay

PHILADELPHIA – The Dodgers made their first race on Wednesday's game three hours and 41 minutes before reaching their first match. Los Angeles also had its third corps of the night record one blow before the Phillies nestled their first knock in the evening, which did not arrive until exactly

PHILADELPHIA – The Dodgers made their first race on Wednesday's match three hours and 41 minutes before hooking their first match . Los Angeles also had its third pitcher of the night record a blow before the Phillies reached their first knock in the evening, which did not arrive exactly five hours after the opening.

However, the final training came more than six and a half hours after Joc Pederson had originally entered the box at Citizens Bank Park to meet Phillies starting Nick Pivetta ̵

1; and less than 11 hours before Thursday, 9:35 am PT series final, which may be

It was kind of night – and morning – it was in Philadelphia, where David Freese struck a dual homer in the seventh and Justin Turner followed with a pinched two-shot by himself in eighth to lift the Dodgers to a 7-2 win after a two-hour and 37-minute rain delay in the top of the third.

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"I'm glad we got it in," Freese said. "And" W "obviously. Quick turn now. It's simple games so kind that it goes away, but we got stuck on it, then did it. JT had a nice homer to separate it."

Thursday's game will be The second time in the series, Dodgers will play on minimal sleep, but in any case, Phillies will handle the same thing this time around. Los Angeles arrived at their team hotel at about 4:30 AM ET on Monday after Sunday's 12-night win in Boston.

Less than 15 hours later, Dodgers came out and defeated Phillies, 16-2, behind a couple of home runs from Cody Bellinger, who said he "drank two red bulls" to prepare for it. Freese took a completely different approach during Wednesday's long delay.

"I always find time to get a nap," said a smiling millet who slept on a training table in the visiting clubhouse while others played cards or listened to music.

It will give the 36-year-old a little start on his teammates, who were distorted to take the first bus back to the hotel to get some sleep. Pederson stuck to the head of the clubhouse to give every 10 minute warning at the first bus departure and sent some players driving towards the shower and others crawling out the door.

"This is different, but we've all been through this at some point – probably more than once," Freese said. "We will be fine."

Los Angeles starts Kenta Maeda beat two hitless innings while knocking out three and went two before the delay. Right-hander Casey Sadler took over after the long termination and retired the first two batter he met before issuing a two-out walk to Scott Kingery. Julio Urías entered the game at that time and fit on this night and beat inning before he even officially faced a hitter, when Kingery was caught stealing to finish the frame.

Urias then hit an RBI single at the top of the sixth to drive the Dodgers lead to 2-0, before awarding a bloop single to Kingery in the bottom half for Philadelphia's first hit.

"It has been a long three or four days for us," boss Dave Roberts said. "But it was good, because it was so tiring as the guys might, we didn't really get to the field, which was good."

If there is a quick nap in the hotel or a couple of red bulls, Dodgers insists that they will be ready for another quick turnaround on Thursday – even if the days start to dazzle at this time.

"Just a few days ago – it was here, right? A few days ago we came into a small apartment, but then we turned it on a few innings in it," Freese said. tomorrow is a day where we come out once and come on board. "

Paul Casella is a reporter / editor of MLB.com based in Philadelphia. Follow him on Twitter @paul_casella.

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