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Disney's streaming service will include the entire movie library

"The service, which I mentioned earlier will be launched later this year, will combine what we call library product, movies and television, with a lot of original product, movies and television. Some point pretty soon after the launch it will accommodate the entire Disney the movie library, so the movies you talk about have traditionally been kept in a "vault" and brought out basically a few years to be of service, "says Iger during the meeting.

Classic Disney movies can be harder to find than expected. While waiting for their streaming service, Disney will draw all the titles from Netflix later this year, including Pixar movies. Many classic Disney films in the Disney vault, such as Sleeping Beauty Aladdin and Cinderella are not available to rent or buy on Amazon, iTunes or any other service. You can find yourself scouring eBay for a Blu-ray version of an iconic Disney title from your childhood.

The launch of Disney + will mean that all 57 movie scenes produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios will be available to stream at any time. You can also expect the large library of Disney-owned movies to be included in streaming service, such as in the Star Wars and Marvel universe.

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