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Discover the Best Vegas Casino and Hotels for Seniors

Are you a senior citizen tired of all the extreme hype of Vegas casinos? Do you need a peaceful and calm environment? Get more information and recommendations from this article.

6 Best Hotels & Casino in Vegas for Seniors

Are you heading over to Las Vegas to attend your father’s birthday, yet you do not know ideal hotels or casinos conducive for seniors? You are not alone. The city of Las Vegas is synonymous with its pompous and fast-paced life more suitable for the youth.

For this reason, seniors experience a challenging time in finding an ideal location that is quiet, peaceful, and has moderate activities when touring Vegas. What’s more, seniors cannot walk for long distances even though there is a lot to observe, especially along the Vegas Strip. As such, they will need wheelchairs or even scooters to find their way around easily.

Even though most of them might not desire to visit the Vegas Strip or enjoy a couple of shows, shopping is not a priority to them. Nevertheless, they might need to pass some time by playing the slots. They also need hotels with more extensive and broader aisles that are easier to maneuver while looking for slots.

Therefore, you need to consider several factors while looking for an ideal Vegas casino or hotel for a senior citizen. The following are some of the perfect hotels/casinos for seniors.

Bellagio Lakeview

The Bellagio Lakeview is a fantastic place to live, relax, and gamble while in Vegas. The beautiful cafes and pools within the hotel are highly enjoyable and relaxing. What’s more, the main building offers direct views above the fountains.

These fountains are among the classics of Vegas. At the central strip location, there is a free tram in case you desire to roam a bit around Las Vegas. Most of the commodities are under a single roof, thus making it quite convenient.

The only downside to this place is that the prices are quite high compared to other places of equal value.

The Flamingo Las Vegas

This is both a hotel and casino situated within the Vegas strip. Within this property, you will find a casino measuring a whopping 72,300 square feet in addition to 3600+ hotel rooms. Its architectural design closely resembles the streamlined contemporary style and Art Deco of South Beach Miami.

Seniors get to enjoy walks along the garden courtyard that acts as a wildlife sanctuary for flamingoes. In terms of mobility and comfort, it is straightforward to get around the venue, and you get to enjoy your breakfast and other meals in the garden. Moreover, The Flamingo Las Vegas is relatively quiet, and this provides a peaceful environment beneficial for seniors.

Gold Coast Casino

The Gold Coast Casino/Hotel is a low-budget premise popular among seniors visiting Las Vegas.  One of the primary reasons is that it is located nearly a mile away from the Vegas Strip. Therefore, you can avoid the commotion caused by the huge crowds at the Strip.

There are over 700 hotel rooms within this hotel. What’s more, for the seniors who love gambling, there are over 21

00 video poker & slot machines, several restaurants, a bowling alley consisting of 70 lanes, as well as a showroom.

As such, there are so many activities to undertake without venturing far from your doorstep. In case you need to move around Vegas, this hotel runs a shuttle bus service that terminates at the Tropicana.

Wynn Las Vegas Casino

This high-class Vegas hotel will cost you a significant amount of your money. Nevertheless, it offers untold luxury with rooms that provide amazing services. What’s more, this relatively new hotel lacks the irritating smell of smoke like many other ones.

You get to enjoy some time at the hotel’s swimming pool with fellow seniors. In case you intend to see young people hanging out and having a blast at the poolside, then this is not the right place for you. Nevertheless, the spot is very tidy, beautiful, and quite accommodative.

You can also enjoy some time at the spa as you relax your mind and body. Enjoy your vacation being Zen, and having a good time with your friends at this fine establishment.

Palazzo at the Venetian

If you are traveling to Vegas in the company of one or two seniors, the Palazzo is a suitable place to seek accommodation and fun. It has a less rowdy casino, and it is extremely easy to navigate around the area. Seniors can play craps and many other casino games.

What is more, the casino is brightly lit, and walkways are bigger, enabling great ease of navigation. However, one downside to this place is that the rooms have sunken living rooms. So if you are concerned about the steps, you might request a room with handicap accesses.

Otherwise, consider seeking accommodation at the nearby Wynn that is accommodative and easier to get by.

Westgate Resorts

Are you looking for an ideal spot to host your senior gatherings? Lucian Marinescu from OnlineCasinoGems suggests, “Try out the Westgate resorts and take advantage of the seniors’ group rates that may potentially save you a lot of cash. During your meetups, the group will get to enjoy tons of live entertainment performances by stars like Barry Manilow.”

What’s more, you will enjoy a taste of Westgate’s serenity spa, in addition to top-class restaurants where you get to enjoy exquisite meals in a chilled out and serene environment. At Westgate, everything you require for a great time is available. This resort also offers some of the best one and two-bedroom suites within Las Vegas.

The Bottom Line

The above are just a sample of the most suitable hotels in Vegas for senior citizens. Seniors do not love places with a lot of bustling activities, noise, and commotion. They prefer calm, quiet, and spacious venues.

What’s more, such a location should have amenities that ease their mobility. Such include wheelchairs, scooters, buses, trams, etc. You can obtain more information from the specific hotel websites.