House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said lawyer-general William Barr "lied to Congress" on a May 1 hearing – an act that was not a technique but a crime.

Lock him up?

On Wednesday Wednesday, Bar Bar Barr laughed with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. About putting in handcuffs on the side of an event honoring beaten law enforcement officers outside the Capitol.

"Madam President, did you bring handcuffs with you?" Barr asked himself to Pelosi, according to the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Pelosi smiled and offered his own heavy-in-cheek answer. The house sergeant on the arms was present, if an arrest was necessary, the Supreme Democrat said to the law board. Barr laughed after him and walked away, according to the outlets.

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The exchange comes as tensions between House Democrats and Trump administration continue to rise over several applications for papers, testimonies from Barr and other current and past administration officials, and daily allowances issued by several congressional committees.

On Wednesday, the White House disappeared in a 12-sided letter to the chairman of the Presidency, Jerry Nadler, DN.Y., to hand over the information requested by the panel as part of a comprehensive investigation into President Donald Trump's presidency.

White House Pat Cipollone wrote in the letter that the administration would not cooperate with the committee's request and said it "lacks any legitimate role" to investigate the president. More: The White House says Congress does not have a legitimate role to investigate Trump, rejects document claims

Recently, Trump administration has repeatedly stonewalled several requests from legislators for various types of information.

Last week, the Judiciary Committee voted to hold the lawyer in contempt for Congress after Barr refused to comply with a lawsuit requiring an unredacted copy of Specialist Robert Mueller's Russian investigation report and its underlying evidence.

Chief Steny Steny Hoyer, D-Md., Told reporters Wednesday that a vote in plenary to hold Barr in contempt will not happen this month.

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Last week, Speaker Pelosi talked that she would put administrative officials who do not agree with lawsuits in a prison down in the basement of the Capitol. According to the Capitol's architect, several rooms have been used at various times as prison cells. A room in the basement of the Capitol was used in 1877, according to the congress. The Capitol police currently have a holding cell three blocks from the Capitol.

"Let me just say that we have a prison in the basement of the Capitol," Pelosi said recently during an interview at a Washington Post Live event. "But if we arrested all the people in the administration, we would have an overcrowded prison situation, and I'm not for it."

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