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Did Rihanna just return the thin eyebrows?

Brow trends come and go. But there is an eyebrow that should be locked in the past. Thin pens.

Or we thought until we saw Rihanna last British Vogue cover look.

The magazine released the cover in the September issue with RiRi with pencils. The cover marks the first time a black woman has appeared on the cover of a September issue of British Vogue in the journal 102 years of history.

The shot was styled by British Vogue Edward Edward Edward Edward Enninful and shot by fashion photographer Nick Knight.

Rihanna make-up look was created by Isamaya Ffrench using Fenty Beauty, and floral headpieces were created by flower artist Azuma Makoto.

The pictures – which of course are amazingly beautiful – immediately caused some movement on Twitter. And it seems, many people are not so fond of the thought of the return of thin brows.

As many of you might remember, thin brows were huge in the early 2000s. But much has changed since then – the size of our pens. Currently, larger, smaller plugged boilers are in fashion.

Many noted that Rihanna is not the first person to revive the narrow browsing trend – women in South Africa started this trend recently.

September issue of British Vogue hits newsstands Friday, August 3.

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