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Did Prince William and Kate Middleton actually meet before attending the same college?

Most royal fans have heard the story of how Kate Middleton and Prince William met and fell in love with St. Andrews University, but it is reported that the couple had another meeting before attending the same college.

Here is more about the claim that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met earlier than we all thought.

  Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Middleton Family / Clarence House via GettyImages

Claims they met even before attending the same school

Royal expert and author Katie Nicholl has claimed that the Prince and Middleton actually had another meeting before what we all heard about at St . Andrews.

Nicholl, who wrote the books William and Harry and Kate: The Future Queen told journalist Katie Couric that she too thought they had met in college until Middleton's friends told her otherwise.

"This was really fascinating to me," Nicholl said. “I talked to some of her friends at Marlborough School, where she went before St. Andrews. They said, now, she didn't meet him at St. Andrews. She met him before she got there. "

Nicholl added when their first meeting was said to have taken place," While in school in her sixth form through some of her friends, they knew Prince William and Prince Harry. So it was an early meeting. That to me, it changed everything. "

Their reactions when they saw each other in St. Andrews

  Kate Middleton and Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Clive Mason / Getty Images

So even if they met sometime before college, their next meeting is what gets in their minds most when they remember during their joint interview in 2010 after their engagement.

Willam talked about meeting his future wife while attending St. Andrews together.

According to the Royal Cinema Christopher Anderson, when that meeting between them happened, Middleton did not know what to do so she violated the prince. Her reaction was so surprising to William that it caused him to spill a drink over himself.

Kate remembered how nervous she was at that moment.

"I actually turned bright red when I met you and wandered off feeling very shy about meeting you," she admitted in their joint interview, adding, "William wasn't there a lot of the time initially, he was not It's not from Fresher's Week, so it took some time for us to get to know each other, but we became very close friends from quite early. ”

The two ended up dating privately for a time and reports swirled around In 2002, they moved out of their dorms and rented an apartment with a couple of college friends, and their relationship became public knowledge in 2004 when they were photographed together on a ski trip. Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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