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Did Drake Michael Jackson Know? "About Me" has been reported an undelivered track of Pop Legend

Drakes new album Scorpion is due to release on Friday June 29th and fans can not wait. On the threshold of release on Thursday, 28 June, TMZ reported that Drake's Scorpion will contain an unreleased Michael Jackson track. (Bustle reached out to Drakes representatives and Jackson's estate for comments, but did not hear immediately.) But wait – did Drake Michael Jackson know at all?

It's unclear if the Canadian rapper has ever met the pop legend and if he has, it does not seem that Drake has talked publicly about it – but Jackson will appear on the Scorpion double disc . TMZ reported that the song "Do not Matter To Me" is an earlier outlining track by Jackson, who Drake raps with. The news release compared the sound of the track to Justin Timberlake's 201

4 song "Love Never Felt So Good", where JT dueted with Jackson.

Earlier on June 28, Drake released the track list Scorpion which revealed that "Do not Matter To Me" should contain Jackson and double the album also featured collaborations with JAY-Z, Ty Dolla $ ign and Static Major. Scorpion also contains the previously released singles "Nice for what", "God's plan" and "I'm upset."

Drake has long cited Jackson as one of his influences. In a MTV News interview from July 2009, Drake Jackson remembered a few weeks after the death of the pop legend in June 2009. Drake said:

"Michael Jackson was one of the first times I really understood the power of an entertainer. that I had Moonwalker on a cassette and I remember how religiously I used to look at it. Because I used to feel like a child, it was the most amazing place to fly to. That was the world he created. I just feel he was the first artist I've ever experienced that made you get lost in Michael Jackson, his music, his pictures, the choices he made for cover art. Now that I'm older I can look back and be like, wow , he was one of the most consistent entertainers all the time.

Drake talked about Jackson's influence on him as a musician in a 2016 interview with Canadian Canadian Nardwuar. The rapper shows a classic question o m Rolling Stone ma gazine with MJ on the cover. Drake talked about watching the documentary Michael Jackson's journey from Motown to Off the Wall, and was terrified by the pop legend.

"He is the greatest entertainer all the time," Drake said in the interview. "He went on doing things that I can not even understand, as the choreographer is dancing, playing instruments, everything. He was just the biggest."

NardwuarServiette on YouTube

In an interview from February 2017 on Apple Music's OVO Sound Drake said, "I'm writing pop songs for a reason. I want to be like Michael Jackson. I want to be like artists like I watched. "

June 20th Newsweek reported that Drake surpassed his idol Jackson when it came to most weeks at No. 1 for a solo male artist on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Jackson was No. 2 on the list of 37 weeks, while Drake now has 38 weeks thanks to her only "Nice For What". Usher currently holds overall record for most weeks at No. 1 for a solo man artist of 47 total weeks, according to Newsweek .

While "Do not Matter Me" and the rest of Scorpion will be released on Friday, some fans have theorized that the album will be available to listen at 11 o'clock on Thursday. The theory seems to be based on the fact that Apple Music has apparently released an album at 11, according to Reddit. 19659002] However, when Scorpion falls on Thursday night or early Friday, "Possible to me" will not be a trail y you want to listen.

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