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Destiny 2's PS4-Exclusive Gun Is Finally Available To All, Thanks To Cross-Save (Sort Of)

Destiny 2's newly implemented cross-save feature went live this week, and it's quite wonderful. Providing you own the necessary content on each platform, it allows you to take your Guardians from PS4 to Xbox One to PC, letting you enjoy the benefits of PC or play with friends on another platform. But it has an additional perk for those who have previously invested in the Xbox One or PC versions: the ability to get a new, PS4-exclusive Exotic weapon, Wavesplitter .

As is customary on Fridays, Xur has arrived. And while he's always worth a visit (even if you already own every Exotic, the armor he sells might have better rolls than your version), cross-save brings a new benefit to Xur. In addition to directly selling four specific Exotics, Xur also allows players to purchase a Fated Engram, which decrypts into an Exotic you don't already own. Using cross-save, PC or Xbox One players can now jump into the PS4 version of the game and buy the Fated Engram. Provided you already have every other Exotic available to your character, this should guarantee your Engram turns into Wavesplitter. We've tested this ourselves, and sure enough, we got Wavesplitter on what had previously been a PC-only character.


This comes with two big caveats. One, cross-save requires you to own Destiny 2 and Forsaken on PS4 in order to acquire the gun. And two, Wavesplitter can't currently be used on PC or Xbox One. While you're free to equip it while on PS4, moving back to the other platforms will render it unusable.

That will change later this year with a new update; one change we're seeing now that Bungie is in full control of the game is the ending of platform-exclusive content. For years, Destiny and Destiny 2 players on Xbox One (and, more recently, PC) have had to wait upwards of a year to receive content that launched on PS4 first. This has included strikes and Exotics like Wavesplitter, which came to PS4 alongside Forsaken last year.

This Fated Engram trick of sorts is made possible through a change that happened earlier this year. Prior to an update, these Engrams were restricted to pre-Forsaken Exotics, but those added to the game as part of that expansion can now be acquired by buying the Engram. Exotics added to the game since then must be obtained through normal means.

Wavesplitter is a trace rifle, of which there are very few in the game. Holding down the trigger causes its damage to change over time. It's one of several pieces of Forsaken's PS4-exclusive content that Xbox One and PC owners can look forward to gaining access to sometime between now and the release of Shadowkeep on October 1.

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