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Demi Moore reveals she has brown wall-to-wall carpet in her bathroom

Photo credit: Demi Moore - Twitter
Photo credit: Demi Moore – Twitter

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With everyone ̵

1; celebrities included – stuck at home in recent months, we have gotten many glimpses into people’s homes … and some are definitely strangers than others. This week, Demi Moore shared a behind-the-scenes look at a recording session of “Dirty Diana,” her new drama podcast that will premiere next week. But the only drama people really focused on was Moore’s –unusual bathroom.

The photos Moore shared on Twitter show that she sits on a floral printed sofa with a MacBook stick up, an iPad and a microphone on a table. At first, it looks like she’s in a vanity room with wall-to-wall brown rugs. But then you see the toilet in the corner of one photo and a bathtub in the other, and you realize that she is actually in a bathroom … with the carpet. “This is the strangest bathroom in the late 80’s / early 90’s I’ve ever seen,” one person commented. “Especially with the cramped couch. I love it, but …. @ just demi we need explanations!”

Many responded with comments about the straight carpet. “All I can look at is his rug in the bathroom,” one person tweeted. Others questioned the potential sanitary issues and wondered what happens when the toilet floats. Someone even jokingly offered to put in vinyl floorboards.

But the brown carpet wasn’t the only puzzling thing in the bathroom that Twitter users noticed. There is a stone wall next to the toilet, and upon close inspection you can see a small monkey in its cracks. Next to the tub is a life size of Joan of Arc, which Moore tweeted last year. Hey, we’re all for personal decor decisions, so we don’t judge, but it’s a unique bathroom.

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