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Demi Lovato was stressed, overworked before apparent overdose, says source (exclusive)

Demi Lovato was seriously fighting for her hospital stay.

The singer "Tell Me You Love Me" was forced to hospital on Tuesday for a clear drug overdose, but before that, a source told ET that Lovato's downward spiral began in the spring.

"She drove away everyone who tried to call her out or help her, including sobbing coaches, friends and management," said the source. "The problem is that Demi has become more successful than ever, and everyone wants a bit. It will be this perfect storm. She drove away all the people there to protect."

The GRAMMY nominee who was at her Tell me you love me world tour when she originally returned after six years of sobriety, was about pressure in a demanding schedule.

"The more stressed and more she was overworked, the more she wanted to fly and do the drugs and not be sober," added the source. "No one was looking for Demi's interests anymore, she drove away everyone."

The source says that Lovato worked on another album and was also documenting her life for a follow-up to her YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated .

ET reached Lovato's Executive Board for comments. "Demi is awake and with her family who want to express thanks for all for love, prayer and support," her rope said in a statement on Tuesday. "Some of the reported reports are incorrect and they respect respect for integrity and not speculation because her health and recovery are the most important at the moment."

Another source that previously told ET that Lovato's family is eager to get the 25-year-old pop star to rehab as soon as possible. Here is more about what the next might be for Lovato:

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