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Demi Lovato finishes Twitter after 21 Savage backlash

The singer disabled her Twitter account Sunday after she was criticized for tweeting: "So far, 21 Savage memes have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl."

The rapper was the subject of social media conversation after he was arrested in Atlanta early Sunday by US immigrants and customs.

He was accused of being a British citizen who entered the United States legally when he was a minor in July 2005, but he allegedly failed to submit under the terms of his non-immigrant

Lovato struck his tweet.

Rapper Wale asked Lovato, "Why is some freedom fun … I don't get jokes."

In a now deleted tweet captured by The Shade Room, Lovato wrote back: "Wale just salt I never replied to his desperate tweets years ago."

"I'm still not disrespectful, you … still ask for you Demi. Glad you saw my old tweets. Hopefully you saw those who gave comfort and prayer when you were down. I'm not kicking people when they go down "Queen," replied Wale. "" Many people sent you love candles, prayers, etc., "he tweeted, too." 1

9659009] Lovato later made his comments in an Instagram story and wrote that she "did not laugh at anyone being expelled ". [19659003] Rather, she said she laughed at the fact that no one knew 21 Savage was British.

"Meme I wrote / talked about where to write him with a quill pen," she wrote. "Sorry if I offended anyone".

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