Facebook has plagued the highly demanded dark situation in Messenger since last year's F8 conference, but so far it has only been tested in some countries. It seems that the feature is now available to all Android users – all you have to do is send someone a month moji!

Discovering the Dark Mode Easter Egg is as easy as sending the crescent emoji 🌙 into a chat and tapping the following pop-up menu. Some users have to double-click the moon's emoji, while others must restart the Messenger app and enable the feature from settings. The app warns that the dark mode is still a work in progress and it is not universal yet, but other than subsections of the setup menu, it seems to work everywhere.

Facebook is determined to keep users in its ecosystem, and with a new designed user interface, the ability to send messages and any infrastructure integration of Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram, the company seems to hope the convenience and user-friendly drum of any privacy issues that users may have. [19659004] Facebook confirmed dark mode for Messenger in a blog post, calling it "a hidden, limited time experience". It also revealed that the feature will roll out to all Messenger users via the setup menu over the next few weeks.