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Daniel Cormier details story with Brock Lesnar, clowns critic of UFC 226 in cage jar

LAS VEGAS – Daniel Cormier is not worried about the critics who called his in-cage confrontation with Brock Lesnar "False, Staged, WWE" or any of that kind.

After Cormier's title-winning knockout of Stipe Miocic (18-3 MMA, 12-3 UFC) on Saturday's UFC 226 headliner, Lesnar (5-3 MMA, 4-3 UFC) went into eight and kicked Chaos with Cormier 21-1 MMA, 10-1 UFC). It was shoving and hard words exchanged, and that moment will certainly be a key element in the promotional material for their heavyweight title, which is expected to happen next year.

Lesnar's appearance on the UFC 226, which took place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and aired on pay-per-view after prelims on FS1

and UFC Fight Pass, came as a surprise to most. Cormier said he did not know that the ex-champion would be there until he saw him only a few minutes before going to the octagon.

"It was strange, says Cormier." I drive sprints before each match. We go out, we find a small hall, and I only brake as many sprints as possible to get my heart rate. When I went back to the stadium, I see Brock Lesnar walking behind me, so I like, "Oh, what does Brock Lesnar do here?" Then he stood at eighteen and waited for Stipe, and stood there smearing at me. So I was, "Oh, I suppose Brock Lesnar is here to choose a match." So I called him out. I've known him for a long time. I told him I wanted to kick his butt and I'll kick his butt when we hit. "

The interaction between Cormier and Lesnar met with mixed reaction. One side felt that this type of behavior has no place in otton or sport of MMA. The other, however, enjoyed the chaos that will get even more energy before one stroke between the two takes place.

Cormier, 39, is aware of the critical side and he kicked back on those who feel so. [19659002] "" Instead, they are idiots. "Fine. Get broken, said Cormier. "Do you have a guy like Brock Lesnar in front of you, and you will not be mad at him? Are you crazy?" When Brock decided to go to my eighth-he's a pro wrestler. False fighting with you until I put my fist inside your face. I'll make fake fighting with you, Brock, then I'll hit your head. So, yes, you call it fake online. I see a lot of fighters, Oh, that's so fake. I do not want to look at this. "Tune in and continue fooling my pockets. You have to get on board. These guys get on the microphone after their fight and say," Yes, that's what the UFC decides. "OK."

Before the match between Cormier and Lesnar takes place, Lesnar must first complete his six-month drug trial window with U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Lesnar is still under resignation for a couple of failed tests resulting from his UFC 200 match with Mark Hunt, which he won before the result was turned into a no-contest.

Throughout his career, Cormier has become outspoken against those who failed tests for performance-enhancing drugs, namely with former opponents Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. He said that his thoughts about PED users have not changed, and he intends to go to what is necessary to ensure there is no chance that it will be wrong when he finally ends in the octagon with Lesnar.

"Brock must be clean," said Cormier. "I will not fight if he is not clean. We will do USADA testing and we will do other tests. We will test USADA to make sure this man is clean, because I will not fight if he I've done it on several occasions (with others). I do not want to fight if he's dirty, man. Do it right. "

A battle between Cormier and Lesnar comes with some story attached. Cormier said their relationship goes back more than 20 years to their amateur wedding days. The prevailing heavyweight and light heavyweight champen say that interactions have been more than friendly, but now that they are on each other's radar for a match, it will change.

"I've known Brock since 1997," said Cormier. "When he drove me, it was very strange. I was," Yo! "I saw Marty Morgan out there. The last time I saw Marty, I was like," Woah, I have not seen Marty! "Last time I saw Marty Brock got his face in the base of Cain Velasquez. I was like, "Marty, you're back." They're back in the game. Brock and I were wrestling in a junior college finale in 1998. He was heavyweight when he was in Minnesota I was in Oklahoma State so we crushed each other twice in duel meetings. Not against each other, but the law broke each other.

"When Brock broke in WWE he was always good at me and my family. We would go to the matches. He would take care of my children. As you enter the octagon, your feelings increase a little. Brock drove me, then (my coach) Rosendo drove him. It was crazy, because Rosendo is like 5-foot-nothing. That's what my team does for me. "

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