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Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn full video highlights

Daniel Bryan made his in-return return on WWE WrestleMania 34, along with Shane McMahon to meet Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. How did the game match?

There was significant tension throughout the pro wrestling world when the news broke that Daniel Bryan could return to the in-ring contest after two years on the shelf. But the question that many wondered was when it would happen. That's when Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn opened the door by first attacking Shane McMahon, then Bryan himself. The attacks led to a match being made on WWE WrestleMania 34.

After Bryan's heart-warming eyes come back to the ring, Zayn and Owens would not let nice moments stand in the way. Instead, they quickly got behind Bryan and McMahon and began challenging their competition. They stunned both men and then turned their views on the returning Bryan.

Zayn and Owens, who fought for their jobs, addressed the YES leader! Movement and tried to take him out of the game. This started with a few strikes, followed by Zayn beat Helluva Kick to really break Bryan. However, it did not stop there when Owens got Bryan up for a powerbomb on the apron who sent out the coaches to watch the SmackDown Live general manager.

It then left Shane alone to start the match as a pseudo-handicap match against Zayn and Owens.

Early, McMahon seemed to be able to go after things and shock the world with a quick win. He sent Zayn first with a strike and then apparently did the same for Owens. But the hell aware Owens would not be turned down and gave his team the world and began to brutally remove McMahon's mid-section ̵

1; who had a new time at the hospital with diverticulitis. Meanwhile, the doctor continued to look at Bryan's ringside.

When the beatdown continued, things looked pretty hopeless for Shane O Mac as he continued to get the bull kicked out of him. Somehow, but he found some more strength and came after it. He first got Zayn hanging on the flywheel and then got Owens to fly over the top rope. It made it possible for him to hit a Coast-to-Coast, but Owens came back to break the pin.

Owens then watched to finish the match himself and put McMahon on his back and then went to the top. KO then hit a monster Frog Splash on the half-dead Shane, but nowhere Bryan popped back to life and into the ring to break up the three bills.

After Owens then missed a cannonball attempt at McMahon, it seemed as if it were later to catch the now sincere Bryan. However, Zayn jumped to try to keep him from doing it – but it worked just so long before Shane fired and got the tag to his partner.

Bryan came into the ring like a bat from hell – understood first, of course, but destroys Zay as soon as he left. He also gave Owens a certain penalty, went outside the ring with a baseball slide and then a flying knee to KO. It led to some big knees and kicked Zayn back in the ring and it seemed as if the match would be over.

Owens took hold of Bryan's leg and got Zayn to pick up another Helluva Kick. Bryan could, however, kick out, resulting in owens. He then began to let everything he had left to try to finish Bryan and the match. But what he had was not enough when Bryan kicked out for a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

When Owens was sent back to the floor over the top rope, it was Zayn and Bryan left to meet again. Zayn tried her best to make it happen, but apparently it was not enough. Bryan released another random strike and got Sami's knees for a lot of YES! Kicks.

Then put the Flying Knee into YES! Lock. Zayn could not hold on and eventually dropped, giving Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon the win in the previous return at WWE WrestleMania 34

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