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Dana-Farber receives record donation of $ 63 million from Pan-Mass Challenge

PMC raises more money than any other sporting event for individual events in the country and has set its own personal record for donations to Dana-Farber year after year since 2010.

Total contribution to the Institute over the lifetime of PMC exceeds now $ 717 million, making the organization the single largest donor to both Dana-Farber and Jimmy Fund, a fundraising initiative supporting the cancer center.

"They are an important, essential resource for us," said Dana-Farber President and CEO Dr. Laurie Glimcher with reference to PMC.

Funding provided by cycle-a-thon has been directed toward the development of 41

cancer drugs and the discovery of new medical techniques that can determine cancer-causing mutations, as well as other cancer center research efforts.

While Dana-Farber has not yet decided what it plans to do with this year's donation – which was gifted to the institute during a gala held Saturday night – Glimcher said she expects it to be used to fund even more of institution research.

Glimcher added that donations from PMC are unique because the funds it provides are unlimited. This means that they can be used in whatever way leadership at Dana-Farber thinks is best.

Glimcher said that support from organizations such as PMC is important for academic medical centers such as Dana-Farber because it can be difficult to secure state funding for much of their research.

"This is not the kind of research that the federal government will support when it first starts, because it is so innovative," she said. "And it's a high risk, but a high return if what you test proves to be important. And researchers desperately need the resources to follow their brightest ideas."

Dana-Farber raised $ 323.4 million in donations for the fiscal year which ended in September, which includes $ 56 million donated by PMC last year.

PMC was founded by Billy Starr in 1980. He said there were 36 riders and 10 volunteers involved in the organization's inaugural ride that year, raising $ 10,200

This year, more than 6,800 cyclists set off on more than a dozen routes spread over a combined 360 miles, supported by 4,000 volunteers.

More than 150 Dana-Farber employees participated in the event. [19659002] Starr described a "sea of ​​cyclists" who traveled as part of this year's challenge, flanked by grateful supporters on each side of the road, Starr said that the routes the cyclists traveled compared well with cycling routes someone else Nowhere in the country.

"[To] goes from the rolling hills of the central mass to the natural coast of Cape Cod is one – just one of the great riders in the country," he said.

Starr credited a number of factors with the organization's growth and its ability to pull in and support more riders, including the advent of the internet and increased awareness of Dana-Farber across the country.

"Now I can register 4,000 people in two weeks in January," Starr said. "It was a game changer."

The event also receives financial support from sponsors, including New Balance and the Red Sox Foundation. The Red Sox Foundation was founded by John Henry, who also owns The Boston Globe.

Starr said he had an inkling when he started the event that it had the potential to be "great," but that he did not understand the scale it would eventually reach. He said he was satisfied with the amount of money collected this year.

"Again, I can say it's an all time high," he said.

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