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Dan Enos leaves Alabama for OC jobs at ACC

Once expected to take over as offensive coordinator in Alabama next season, the quarterback coach Dan Enos will be the next offensive coordinator in Miami, announced the hurricanes Friday.

Enos has worked as a quarterback coach and associates Crimson Tide head coach this season and helps develop Tua Tagovailoa Jalen Hurts and Alabama's other quarterbacks.

When asked about the campaign for offensive coordinator in Alabama during the team's media day at the Orange Bowl semi-final last month, Enos did not confirm or deny the report.

"We haven't discussed any of those stuff yet," Enos said.

Nick Saban added: "I think about it when this game is over or when we are finished with our season. We have a lot on our plate right now ready for probably the best offensive team we have seen for a long time. So we focus on it right now. "

Enos noted that the season was not over in Miami, and it was a first season in Alabama that he was cherished.

"It has been a great blessing to be here, to be part of this program," Enos said. "Obviously with Coach Saban, it is a doctoral student in football every day and then we have to work with these talented players. It has only been remarkable and very fun, and we still have some work to do."

Enos has more than 20 years of experience in coaching-skill positions, over 1

0 years of experience in playback and five years as the head coach at Central Michigan from 2010-14. In Alabama, he has helped Tagovailoa rewrite Crimson Tide's record books, and although Tagovailoa has had a great season, Enos's work with Hurts has been more impressive.

Hurts clearly improved as a passerby last season with Enos as quarterback coach. The latter said he changed the previous grip on football and focused on his expectation. And that was one of the reasons why the junior chose to stay in Alabama was to improve his craft with Enos.

"He has always had a good experience," Enos said of Hurts. "But one conversation I had with him he said," I want to stay, I want to get better. "Then I knew he wanted to be coached. It was a good advantage for me because I loved to coach him. What credit for him and Coach Saban and this program. But for that he still tried to get better, so we just continued it the way. "

While Media's Day added Hurts," I think it has made a big difference, he and Coach Locksley are in the same room that can take care of me. It has been a very productive year. "

Hurts is now in the NCAA Transfer Portal, and Miami is a potential landing site for him.

Alabama has now lost four assistants with Eno's affiliate offensive coordinator Mike Locksley (Maryland), offensive line trainer Brent Key (Georgia Tech) and recipient trainer Josh Gattis (Michigan).

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