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“We have never experienced that.” Batons, firecrackers and blood on the streets, Belarus drew against Lukashenko World

Minsk (Belarus) The biggest demonstrations during the regime’s existence and the most brutal police operation they remember – that’s what the Belarusians are talking about what is happening in their country after the election, which Alexander Lukashenko officially won with 80 percent of the vote. According to him, the Czech Republic is also helping to organize them.

“It simply became our attention then. One hundred thousand people on the streets. We broke up at half past six in the morning,”

; he says with red eyes as Maxim’s party, the operator of a small cafe in the center of the Belarusian capital. At the same time, he enthusiastically shows his friends photos from the protests, they show lots of people and standing cars blocking the streets.Unfortunately, the clashes have resulted in at least one death (opposition sources say three), a number of injured including some critical cases and hundreds arrested.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.
Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

On Sunday night, the crowded crowds of mostly young Belarusians around the park near the Palace of Sports indicated that something was wrong. Shortly after the first opinion polls for state television stated that the current president Alexander Lukashenko was 80 percent victorious, the mood was more than tense.

The trumpets sounded in the city as a gesture of protest, the police closed the main square to pedestrians and the heavily dressed were prepared for intervention on the side streets. Just before ten, the intervention began. Armored cars drove up to the crowd, and heavily dressed men jumped out. “Run,” someone shouted, and we are already running along the side street, while another voice says, “Do not panic, save your strength.”

In an instant, I really give it to him, because the cat and mouse game on the streets of Minsk lasts all night. The sound color resembles a war zone with the sound of horns and explosions of firecrackers, which were later added to tribute ambulances that carried the wounded to hospitals.

Lukashenko blamed the Czech Republic

In the morning, Minsk seems to have nothing happened. People have gone to work, the shops are open, but sometimes a trumpet car travels down the street with the crew with their hands up and their fingers in a V, a symbol of the anti-Lukashenko protest. Some pedestrians stop and react in the same way.

In the afternoon, there are more police officers on the streets patrolling with five, according to locals, an undoubted sign that something is happening. In the afternoon, workers at the local steelworks began to strike, and the OMON police intervention unit tried to “solve the situation” …

Lukashenko told protesters that they wanted to destabilize the country, the police were too soft for them and that they must be treated as harshly as possible. He also accused Britain, Poland and the Czech Republic of carrying out the demonstrations from those countries.

“One of the lines for these puppets is the Czech Republic. Today, our joint staff from the Czech Republic is already dealing with where, sorry, these sheep are sitting, who do not really realize what they want from them. The pressure on them and the demands continue: take people on the streets and negotiate with the authorities for a voluntary transfer of power, “said Lukashenko. Czech diplomacy vehemently rejected it.

Maxim helps me get around the internet block and gives advice on how to install a proxy server. “It’s a common practice for us, but in a few days it will not work that way and we will have to look for other alternatives,” he says, glancing his fingers across the screen.

In my mind, I regret those who are not so familiar with mobile technology and are addicted to state television, who claim that nothing is happening and continue to broadcast stupid series and magazines about border surveillance. It becomes clear that at least fifty protesters out of forty police officers are injured. About 3,000 people were arrested by police the first night alone, a third in Minsk, the rest in other Belarusian cities. According to local protests, the fact that dozens of people walked the streets of the metropolis and thousands more in the countryside adds a whole new dimension.

The opponent did not acknowledge the result

There were also several indications on Monday that 80 percent of the election results for Alexander Lukashenko and 10 percent for Sviatlana Cichanouska’s opponents were untrue. For example, a protocol from one of the districts states that Cichanouska received 1266 votes and Lukashenko 153.

“It simply became our attention then. And it will continue for at least a few days,” Maxim said, swallowing on his phone a statement from Cichanouska, who did not acknowledge the results of the election. “We have a number of official minutes from polling stations, votes in my favor are several times higher than for other candidates. We are collecting evidence of fraud, she said.

Outside, a reinforced police patrol passes by with batons, bulletproof vests and necessary black draperies. In addition, there are reports that police cars with heavy clothing arrive at the demonstration site. “Who knows what awaits us more,” sighs sadly.

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