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Volkswagen will sell Bugatti to Croats

Neither party commented on the information. According to DPA, there has also been speculation about possible sales of Bentley and Lamborghini cars and the motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, which is also part of the Volkswagen group.

At the same time, Bugatti is doing well financially. The luxury car company has been less affected by the coronavirus crisis than the mass car market. Despite production interruptions, this year’s financial results should be better than last year, says Bugatti, who sold 82 cars last year.

Rimac C_Two at the car show in Geneva 2019

Photo: Marek Bednář, News

Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board, spoke in 2018 that the Volkswagen Group can lose weight. But he also mentioned the possibility of further expansion. According to DPA, is currently considering car rental activities in partnership with Europcar or Sixt car rental companies.

Volkswagen, the world’s largest car group, recently changed its structure. The luxury brands Bugatti, Bentley and Porsche now form a subgroup called Super Premium. The premium subgroup then includes the Audi, Lamborghini and Ducati brands.

But the most important are the Volumen group, which brings together the Volkswagen brand, the Czech Škoda Auto, the Spanish Seat and VW light commercial vehicles. The truck and bus manufacturers MAN and Scania are integrated in the Traton plant.

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