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VIDEO: Today it would be an influence. Zan vstava o With Mldkov

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The name of the sculpture is based on Mitch's efforts to present and support Czechoslovakia beyond the totalitarian regime in spite of that.

Mldko created an alternative Czechoslovakian salon where they presented Czech and Slovak artists, but also the central European origin. For Mr Med, it was important to be a human man, to one of the curators Pavel Lika. The statue maps the period from the last few years from the 19th century to 1989, when Mldkovi was in Washington. Their dm regularly attended social meetings.

Mldkov himself, in addition to the famous artists, stood up with the American politician and diplomat Henry Kissinger. Bohumil Hrabal, who later wrote the confirmations, also appeared at the National Theater.

The atmosphere of their home in Washington is so close not only to the first-class Eskimo writer, but also to the furniture that the maneuver cast. Do not miss pens, dresses or family members. The first were in the family archive. Newstar poch from 1

947, the new was introduced in recent years.

The same scenes are of course made by Frantisek Kupka, Karel Nepra, Hugo Demartini, Zdenek Skora, Adriena Imotov and South Kole. It is about Kupka's Cabaret Dancing from 1900.

The camping museum will form the basis of the hundred-year-old Meda Mldkov's shortage.

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