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Very fragile Sparta. She takes weak points, gives out strong points, so she is fifth

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For the next fifty-five years, when the score was 2-0 on the scoreboard, the Spartans on the pitch always won.

Until Saturday night

Draw 2: 2 in Jablonec again revealed how much Sparta lacked to look at himself proud in the mirror. For several years there was no such thing as she promised so and then let him return to the match.

One hundred and eight seconds of the second half was enough to shatter the temporary image of a secure team into pieces.

Poor quality, concern, fragility. Coach Jílek assesses Sparta's loss in Jablonec

When Jablonec substitute Matoušek returned home to Krejčí with a quick hit, Sparta shook and her courage was down

In the end, Jugase did not unpleasantly know the offensive foul, as it would leave even more miserable from the north. "Fragile when it comes to resilience, to worry about the result, when it comes to playing a football game, to be stronger, more confident."

Bingo. That's exactly what bothers Sparta the most, especially in matches to show who he really is. But this is exactly what Jilek's main task is: to prepare players not only tactically but also mentally.

Sparta under him can handle opponents in the league or below average. She defeated convincing Karviná and Bohemians and got three points a week ago in Opava.

But according to the words of the classic, is that not enough?

Defeating similar rivals for Sparta is not meta, but common. The fact that it has been successful and that it has not lost since the end of September, the most incredible fans – the reality is still oppressive. Both favorites succeeded in their matches, although both helped by the referees' error: Pilsen, thanks to the insensitive Prosek, played an hour of power play, on Slavia Pechanec Olayink willingly fell into lime.

Which does not change the fact that Sparta does not belong higher than the current position. This is evidenced by the mutual fight with the teams that believe in her

She lost to Slavia 0: 3. S Plzen 0: 1. With Mlada Boleslav 3: 4. She could get to the fourth Jablonec, but instead gave him a points in the second half. She should wonder if the problem really lies in the players' heads, as coach Jílek repeatedly claims, or elsewhere.

Maybe in a frame composition that doesn't seem to be enough for the top three. Or in a coach who has failed to pump the team's confidence since the summer and arrange for players to stick to the plan in times of crisis.

on Saturday Jablonec. It must be seen from the top of Ještěd how the guests cleared the pitch in the second half, departed after a quick combination and got stuck on kicks and stereotypes.

Even under Jilek, Sparta has not yet reached the level to which it historically belongs. He may know the path leading back to the summit, but he cannot follow it. She is guided by all obstacles, stunting and a light breeze. Indefinitely.

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