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Umleck dlo a inenrsk vrchol. The Murray T50 is a very strong dn jin car

With a typical mustache and a neotel Hawaiian koili with floral pattern. Genius designer Gordon Murray thus presented his long-awaited super sport of the T50 in an online broadcast together with the more elegantly dressed, but more promising seducer Dario Franchitti.

Although it is in many ways a successor to the legendary McLaren F1, the car that Gordon Murray has definitely made famous among lovers of road cars, the T50 is a car like no other. And probably never will. It’s the top of car technology, as well as distilled, and it̵

7;s unforgettable. In a way it is the same mechanical car, in many ways it seems to be older than ever before McLaren F1.

Only then will his high-tech convenience be realized. And no, Murray does not boast of a super-fast chassis, he does not equip the car digitally and he avoids electrification in any way. Twelve-liter 3.9-liter engine does not diminish, but it has no turbo. Hi-tech here means above all a light and aerodynamically efficient. So simple and effective, and it’s awkward. The lightest twelve in the world? Eat. The lightest gearbox for supersports vz? Of course. A fan that actively affects the car’s aerodynamics? Coe ?!

Yes, the Gordon Murray Automotive T50 is, like its designer and founder of the car manufacturer, a simple car that has been different from others. The twelve-cylinder super sport weighs only 980 kg and is unmatched.

The resemblance is not random

One hundred in 3.6 seconds, two hundred in 9.4, maximum speed 372 or 391 km / h. No, these are not the parameters of the Gordon Murray T50, but when it comes to the speed of development in the automotive world, perhaps grandfather, McLaren F1. The legendary super sport Gordon Murray from the then fuck and co-owner of Formula 1 darkness Ron Denise, who spoke 28 years ago, is simply a phenomenally fast car, even according to the days of death. By the way, today it is the fastest car with an atmospheric full engine.

The novelty of the T50 was intended to bring together the McLaren F1 phenomenon, under the car manufacturer’s own brand. At first glance, the T50 is uniform and unexpectedly similar. Expected, because modern supersports have very wild forms, first in the name of aerodynamics: combine the effort to cool the cell with the effort to reach an ideal compromise between pressure and air resistance.

The T50, like the McLaren F1, did not seem to care. Flat with noticeable opening holes in the bottom, screens protruding from the hood in front, huge windshield, entrance with the door above the head, up and obliquely forward, completely flowing lines and suddenly stops, these are recipes that T50 from McLaren F1 looked around. And so does the seat in the middle and dark interior.

Gordon Murray simply created an ingenious car in the McLaren F1, which still stands today in many ways. When it comes to the T50, it was not about overcoming the masterpiece but making a kind of re-release of it with the help of current technical possibilities and knowledge. This created an incredible car that goes its own way and offers you the best possible driving experience.

Hug is important

If Gordon Murray really had them, that’s the weight. While the edge area of ​​the McLaren F1 was 1,138 kilos, the T50 is an incredible 986 kg. Twelve inch supersport weighing less than a ton is really unusual today, and as his pedigree proves, this was not the norm ever.

The dream weight was really set. Every detail is brought to perfection, and the visible or invisible, Gordon Murray explained when he introduced the car after Dario Franchitti, in the role of moderator, pointed out, for example, a pedal with a literal skeletal structure. There was not much material left on them. When building a car, simply add one ounce of gram.

Gordon Murray T50

Gordon Murray T50

To keep the car’s weight as low as possible, it became a matter of course to use not only super light material (the whole body and structure of the car is made of carbon fiber, the titanium is also various hidden screws), but also the material to the maximum extent. The car’s body is literally wrapped around its technology like lying down, pedals like peacocks and the instrument panel as minimalist as possible. By the way, one detail Gordon Murray did not forgive: a mechanical otometer, otherwise it is digital (also because of its weight).

In to sweat from the ride

The car’s low weight is a basic prerequisite for the driver to have a fantastic time with him and always be able to control it. Gordon Murray not only stayed with this purist factor, but also added two extremely important elements: the engine and the gearbox. The engine is unpolished simply to be perfectly controlled and responsive to the gas. Even without hybrid technology and turbochargers, it is a technical gem, the last of its kind.

Open the bag. Of the volume of three liters (although they call it 3.9 liters, m has a displacement of 3,994 cubic centimeters), this twelve-cylinder to V with an output of 663 hp (166 hp per liter is an optical record for atmospheric engines) and the car has a weight ratio to output 672 hp per ton. It’s just about 32 hp or more McLaren Senna GTR on the road and 4 more, not on the road version of the car manufacturer’s currently most admired supersport, at birth the predecessor T50. Yes, there are cars with a better ratio, such as the McLaren Speedtail or Bugatti Chiron, but they have no other sweat behind the wheel and the waterway.

In addition, the twelve-seater, which Cosworth designed in principle exactly according to Gordon Murray’s rear end (it did not work in F1, Honda did not produce the engine and the BMW engine was a bit of an emergency), a number of other trumps. First of all, it is an engine that literally swells. The maximum is an incredible 12,100 rpm, which according to Gordon Murray is a record in road cars. Thanks to that, the T50 will sound like Formula 1 cars from the old old world.

What can be done is the engine’s willingness to stumble. In one second, the engine can change speed by 28,400, which practically means that after idling, the engine will be about three tenths of a second after the throttle (and neutral) is applied to the engine limiter. It breaks his throat, laughs Gordon Murray and suggests he will speed up.

Gordon Murray T50

Gordon Murray T50

On the other hand, it’s just as overwhelming as idi can add. The T50 is equipped with a manual gearbox with several gears in the event of inconvenience and unworkability. For a change, they developed it on Xtrac and wonder, it’s the lightest broadcast of its kind in the world. And by the way, we lied a bit in the water about electrification, Gordon Murray T50 used instead of a regular 48-volt starter generator, which today car manufacturers like two in different mild hybrids.

It’s not about hybridization, it’s about being more efficient and more important. The entire twelve-cylinder with accessories weighs only 178 kg. In the case of the McLaren F1, the BMW twin cylinder weighed 266 kg and by 16 kilograms exceeded the original rear engineer.

Magical aerodynamics with a fan

The 48-volt onboard system is not just for weight savings. He also gave the wheels, this is then powered by an electric fan, which dominates the back of the car. The fan is the main element in the car’s active aerodynamics, and there are a number of additional flaps and a rear (half-split) spoiler. The entire system works together so that the car’s aerodynamics work exactly according to the current driving requirements or breeding conditions.

The idea of ​​using a fan is not new to them. She became famous for the Brabham BT46 monopoly, with Niki Lauda winning the Grand Prix of the Widow in 1978. It was the only race where Murray designed a BT46 with a fnem (it was David Cox’s inside). The reason was politics, although the FIA ​​acknowledged that Brabham handcuffed me, the then Bernie Ecclestone for the company, according to Murray, gave it up not to blame his fellow association in FOCA, which he became five. Dog n then came into the world all over Formula 1, so the step in the form of the loss of the ability to fight due to the neothermal technical one for the title paid off. By the way, the fans under the engine were also used by the McLaren F1 engine, the bag was used only for external pressure.

Here, however, a complex unit works with a number of active flaps with different effects in commercial rear diffusers. The air would never follow anything with such an aggressive form, explains Gordon Murray, for whom a brutal diffuser and a fan are so important. The fan helps to create the total air flow according to current needs: so that we can increase the pressure, but at the same time be able to contribute to its reduction and to reduce the air resistance and thereby increase the car’s maximum speed.

Gordon Murray T50

Gordon Murray T50

SLA? During braking, the fan system can double the car’s pressure compared to normal values. And in Streamline mode, you can reduce the car’s air resistance by 12.5%. Virtual help will create a car with a long wall, reminiscent of the Murray tradition with the Long Tail model, which has a long lifespan in motorsport (and which was also revered by F1 in some seductive versions and continues by McLaren in the current production program).

If you are looking for mature speed, acceleration dynamics and incredible braking ability, your curiosity will remain unsatisfied. The car manufacturer does not know the values ​​and it seems that they are not so bad at them: the most important thing is cars and ideas and perfect control and equipment, they are not so important (if it was, I do not have a T50 manual transmission).

Do not forget the comfort

This approach suggests that the T50 will not be as ultimate a sport as it may seem at first glance. Do not be fooled, it will probably be one of the fastest road cars on the circuit, as it can be tamed here at all, but that does not mean it is comfortable. Thanks to its low weight, the chassis can also be surprisingly comfortable to drive normally, the standard is without power, so there are no disturbing elements between the wheels and the driver’s hands, but when maneuvering at low speeds there is help. There is a lack of air conditioning, a powerful sound system and of course three cities and so enough space for some luggage. T50 um bt i skvl Grand Tourer,

In addition, it is an extremely compact car: with the dimensions 4,352 x 1,850 x 1,164 mm, it is not a bad compact air chopper. And the placement of the idea in the middle not only makes it easier for him to drive on the water circuit, but thereby improves the view of the road, perhaps just the traditional peek when he may be a little offensive. On the other hand, in front of such a car, perhaps even the best driver in the middle is calm.

Gordon Murray earned £ 2.36 million in taxes for a T50 base. So it is over 68 million kronor, the ceiling will increase for different individual orders, but it is an extremely suitable purchase. The McLaren F1, which Murray is trying to improve in the T50 in all respects and which according to him is obsolete today, would definitely cost less than 10 million pounds, ie. approximately SEK 300 million. First, you have to get the bag somehow.

Last fall, an expensive copy of the McLaren F1 LM was sold at auction on the famous Pebble Beach for 19.8 million dollars, or about 440 million kronor. At the same time, F1 prices were originally around SEK 20 million. The T50 has a similar potential. Only 100 parts of this gem can be created, the F1 model was manufactured in 106 versions in all versions and versions.