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Time change awaits us: The expert advised how to handle it!

We sleep an hour more from Saturday to Sunday evening. However, this means that the evening darkens in the past. Some people may not be able to handle this change. According to psychologist Tomáš Morávek, it is important not to be busy in it, to get used to the darkness and to observe sleep and food.

Take it easy

"We can look at it as a much discussed social issue. Maybe too much. People are quite alive. It doesn't happen much in an hour. For most people it will be a normal change of hands and in a few days it does not even know. It is good to calm down, not to worry, it is not a big topic, "recommended Morávek. [19659005]

" Get used to the darkness

"The biggest hit is that of course It will get darker in the afternoon. It will limit us, people will not be able to go out with friends, they must go into darkness. That we have some time, generally we do not like change, it is important to deal with it, say that it gives something and realize that we are coming into the light and that it is for our inner rhythms, the psyche and Originally this winter time was natural. Summer is new, "explained the psychologist.

Changing time is a fact

"We should not swear on something that we cannot change. It is true that I will be less than an hour, let's accept the fact that it is the same every year. Think of it as a fact. That day, to be as easy as possible, "Morávek added.


The psychologist also advises us to take a walk after lunch and add some physical activity. According to US News, it is ideal to take a 30-minute walk. And when it's sunny, expose yourself to its rays. The sun will help us to strengthen our inner body clock.


Sleep is very important for everyone. It is ideal to lie in bed before we are used to it. An issue can also occur in infants. So get ready to wake up at 5 in the morning.


Remember to also observe the diet. Suitable are soups, root vegetables or natural carbohydrate intake. Avoid coffee or alcohol. Drink better water or tea. For example, ginger tea with honey and lemon is ideal

Changing times are still the European Union's concern. Most of them decide to spend "winter" or summer time all year long. They should choose an alternative by April 1

, 2020. Although some countries do not yet know what to choose, experts are already clear. Summertime is a burden for the organism. "The long-term impact on public health can be expected – risk groups are children, young people and employees," said Alena Sumova of the Institute of Physiology at the Academy of Sciences at the workshop – Reversal of Time Change organized by the Ministry of Transport.

Children, older people, people with sleep disorders or mental disorders have particular problems. According to some studies, summer time can affect diseases known as civilization diseases. Sleep quality is deteriorating, people are more depressed, tired and obesity increased. The risk of cancer also increases.

"From all this, it is clear that proper synchronization of hours with the time of day necessary for health. Keeping standard time all year long seems to be a better option than summertime," Sumová added.

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