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This may be Prince William's wife: Kate didn't want to

In 2001, Prince William studied at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. It was at William University that he met Kate. Their relationship was definitely not idyllic. It's written in William and Harry: Behind the Palace's walls by Katie Nicholl.

Everything began in 2003 when Prince William attended Kate Middleton's 21st birthday. Celebration took place in a family house in Bucklebury, England. She looked at him as he entered another room. But William didn't catch up.

"Then the party took place in Windsor, England, where Kate came, but William still did not register. He was interested in another girl, the ecologist Jecca Craig," writes Nicholl in his work. He had been in love with her since the first meeting. But great love has become a great friendship, and they have both been in each other's wedding.

Kate finally managed to get rid of William. But their relationship had cracks. After six years of relationship broke up. Eventually they got together again because they realized they couldn't be without themselves. In 201

1, they were finally married after all peripeties.

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