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Thirsty star celebrating 110th anniversary, Mercedes logo can be quite different – Novinky.cz

You can largely take the starfish as one of the world's strongest brands. For years he has broken down the rules for marketing. You see her on hidden garbage trucks every week in front of your house, but when delivering a courier who brought you a package, she also adorns the luxury limousines from top politicians and businessmen. In the summer of 1909, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft registered it as a brand. Her competitor then, Benz & Cie., Registered a laurel ring with the Benz sign the same year, in the wake of winning a number of breeds. From the merger of the two companies and the creation of the Mercedes-Benz brand in 1925, the three-pointed star is still one of the world's most famous emblems in a circle of laurels.

  Gottlieb Daimler has been driving on the back seat of one of the first cars. Behind the wheel was his son Adolf.

Gottlieb Daimler, enjoying a ride on the back seat of one of the first cars and drove his son Adolf.

Although the star has undergone a number of adjustments, its basic design is the same. It is 1

10 years since Alfred von Kaulla, Chairman of the Board of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, has decided to create a new logo, and since 1902, the company's Mercedes cars have been named Mercedes by daughter of an Austrian merchant, the largest Daimler dealer and competitor.

For the first time, the name Mercedes appeared during the races already in 1900, and the performance led to the label also being introduced to production models, and the then car logos were often inspired only by the name of the company, often with city-related emblems.

  Mercedes logo development [19659008] Development of the Mercedes logo

Von Kaulla wanted a completely unique and easily identifiable character for the new Mercedes name. The winning design was presented by Paul and Adolf Daimler, son of Gottlieb Daimler, founder of the company, who died in 1900. He used a triangular star on the postcard Deutz to mark where his family home is located.

In 1909, a proposal was submitted for registration of a triangular star. The authors also added a four-pointed variant, but since 1910 a triangular star has only been used on the front of Mercedes cars. Its three points symbolize the use of Daimler engines in ground, sea and airplanes. By the way, the four-pointed star has become a sign of Deutsche Aerospace AG (DASA) in the 1980s.

From that point on, the triangular star is designed as a three-dimensional and its sharp lines distinguish light and dark parts and draw attention to themselves. The first development of the logo came in 1916, when the star along with the Mercedes inscription appeared and marked the final logo for the future Mercedes-Benz brand.

  The flagship, class S, is still a star on the hood today. title =

The flagship, class S, is still a star on the hood today. Daimler has registered a triangular star in the ring as a glowing plastic logo on top of the radiator, a trademark recognized in this form on August 2, 1923 and has since been a typical part of the radiator top since 19259002. The Benz laurel ring circled the star and marked the creation of Mercedes -Benz brand and the merger of the two Mercedes-Benz logo has undergone a number of developments and developments, including the gradual transition from the top of the bonnet to the center of the grid. selected versions of the E-class, some C-classes. Other models have a known logo that has not been changed for 110 years on the front.

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