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The wages of people in e-shops are growing rapidly

Experts in e-stores improved their salary compared to fourteen percent last year. The average salary in qualified professions such as marketing specialists, social networks and developers has stabilized to CZK 494,000. The average gross salary in the entire economy at the end of last year was

to 338,000 kzk. But according to e-stores, stockholders should also improve

. We assess each employee's individual position and performance. We are planning an increase from June this year. On average, it is five percent, including a moving component, "says Ondřej Slabý, HR Director of the Mall Group.

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The salary grew significantly faster in professionals. Almost half of investigated respondents said they had one fifth last year and expect the same increase this year.

The salaries of online stores have so far been missing. "There are over forty thousand e-stores in the Czech Republic employing a large number of people. However, there are no relevant statistics that would track the growing e-commerce from human resources," says Magdalena Divišová, co-founder of Online People. % lower wages than their male counterparts last year in e-commerce, men's wages are also growing much faster.

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